2022-2023 Impact Report



Wendy W. Kopp

2022-2023 Chair

Trident United Way Board of Directors

David "DJ" Hampton II

President & CEO

Trident United Way

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Trident United Way is proud to work with all its donors, partners and volunteers whose contributions make a positive impact in our Tri-County community. 

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Trident United Way is a catalyst for measurable community transformation in education, financial stability and health.

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Improve educational outcomes for all students well before kindergarten. 

Every child will be supported from birth to be prepared for school, meet grade-level standards and graduate from high school prepared for employment or higher education.

outline of piggy bank iconFINANCIAL STABILITY

Improve financial stability for all people to enjoy a quality standard of living.

Build access and share community tools that break down barriers to financial stability. Our neighbors have an opportunity and the tools for personal advancement; from crisis to financial stability.

outline of heartbeat iconHEALTH

Improve the health of all individuals.

Create a healthier community by making it easier for partners to work together. Our neighbors will have access to health care, know how to lead healthy lives and be empowered to live and participate in environments that promote good health.


The Resource Connection Centers bring together more than 10 nonprofit service providers that help individuals and families in Berkeley and Dorchester counties increase their financial stability. 


Total Individuals Served

(3,620 NEW Individuals)

In FY 2022-2023




Total Services Provided

(6,193 Basic Needs

Services Provided)

In FY 2022-2023



Financial Assistance to Tri-County Individuals and Families (via initiatives by TUW and our partners)

In FY 2022-2023


Trident United Way’s food pharmacy partnerships embrace the concept of food-as-medicine and acknowledge the profound impact of dietary choices on overall health and wellness outcomes. Our efforts are strengthened by partnerships with local organizations like the Lowcountry Food Bank.

At the food pharmacy at St. James Health and Wellness Clinic in McClellanville, SC:


patient population


pounds of produce was distributed to 395 individuals who have screened positive for food insecurity (as of 6/30/23)

FoodShare Berkeley County
FoodShare Berkeley County is a new program that launched at the beginning of FY23-24, offering fresh food boxes of fruits and vegetables at an affordable price with bi-weekly pickup at our Berkeley County Resource Connection Center. 

pounds of fresh produce was distributed to the community in the first quarter of FoodShare Berkeley County’s operations.

Trident United Way’s Barriers to Employment Fund provides community members with tools, supplies, funds and other resources that otherwise create barriers to beginning or sustaining steady employment. This can include anything from a short-term bus pass to medical uniforms to steel-toe boots.  

45 individuals served to help gain and sustain steady employment

Bus passes, industry-specific shoes, work clothing/uniforms

In partnership with Clemson Extension and the USDA, Trident United Way has awarded grants to three groups to build gardens in their communities, supporting community health by increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Grace Impact Development Center (Berkeley County)

Whipper Barony Neighborhood (Charleston County)

The Dorchester County Career and Technology School (Dorchester County)




In an economy where there are many jobs available, it can be difficult to understand why some people in our community may remain unemployed. In fact, unless you have experienced poverty or homelessness, the idea of a “barrier to employment” may have never crossed your mind. These barriers can include anything that could make employment difficult or even impossible, such as lack of adequate housing, clothing, food, transportation, childcare, uniforms, steel-toe boots or other equipment required to perform certain occupations.

Trident United Way’s Resource Connection Centers see community members experiencing barriers to employment on a regular basis and are able to utilize our Barriers to Employment Fund to help these neighbors obtain and sustain employment. This can be transformational not only for the person starting a new job, but for their entire family for years to come. 
Recently, a client at the
Dorchester Resource Connection Center needed to purchase a pair of work pants required for their new job. They would not have the funds for the pants until receiving their first paycheck, but could not begin the job without them. 

Through Trident United Way’s Barriers to Employment Fund, our case manager was able to purchase and send a week’s worth of pants and a pair of non-slip shoes to the client’s home. 

While the investment was relatively small in terms of funding, it enabled the client to begin work knowing they had all the materials they needed to show up prepared and succeed in their new position. “This was truly a godsend,” they said when they called to thank the case manager.


Assistance is available by phone, text and SC211.org 

SC211 is an essential service that can help individuals and families access a number of local resources with one call. The 211 guides are caring navigators who connect callers to resources for food, healthcare services, mental health and other resources available in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties.


Total Calls in Tri-County


Total Referrals in Tri-County


Website Visits Statewide

Top Caller Needs: Rent Payment Assistance, Electric Service Payment Assistance, Shelters and Affordable Housing

SC Thrive Logo

Trident United Way partner, SC Thrive, utilizes Thrive Hub, a web-based system that allows counselors to help clients apply for multiple resources during a single interview.


Estimated Value of Benefits Applications


Dollars Saved in Tax Preparation Fees


Estimated Value of Tax Returns Completed

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Trident United Way’s AmeriCorps program assists in meeting basic needs and increasing financial literacy throughout the Tri-County region. AmeriCorps members build capacity for the organizations they work with to provide financial stability services directly to clients.

Trident United Way’s 7 AmeriCorps members provided basic needs/crisis mitigation services to

819households with 1,531family members

CharityTrackerTM is a web application that Trident United Way provides free of charge to nonprofits in the Tri-County region for shared case management and to gather and report statistical data for resource development, strategic planning and measuring outcomes.

380 Organizations Using Charity TrackerTM

24,104 Individuals Assisted from 12,740 Households

99,094 Services Provided

$1,263,092 Estimated Value of Services Provided 





In our Tri-County community we have families of all shapes and sizes. Many homes are multi-generational, and many grandparents have full custody of their grandchildren. Because every family looks different, income, schedules and abilities to work vary in each situation. Trident United Way sees all of our Tri-County families and works to meet each where they are to provide the supports that would be most impactful to their financial stability.

Margaret has custody of her granddaughter, who is still too young to attend public school. She also works and is the sole earner for her family. Like many caregivers, Margaret struggles with the balance of work and childcare, and she relies on the generous support of friends and family to watch her granddaughter while she is at work. Unfortunately, when she doesn’t have someone to watch her, she has to miss a shift, which means she regularly forgoes a portion of her monthly income.

With the support of the Dorchester Resource Connection Center, Trident United Way was able to connect Margaret to HALOS to obtain childcare and HELP of Summerville to assist with some unpaid bills. TUW also worked with Margaret to create a budget and develop a course of action until her granddaughter is of school age. Margaret was excited about the resources we were able to provide and relieved to have a plan forward for herself and her family.

Now, knowing that she has safe, accessible childcare for her granddaughter, Margaret can work the hours needed to make ends meet. The relief from this constant source of stress also allows her to have more focused time with her granddaughter, which will set her up for greater success when she is ready to attend school.


An unstoppable force for good in the Tri-County

Trident United Way promotes a culture of volunteerism by engaging its corporate partners and individual volunteers through valuable service opportunities. Volunteering is a great way to give back and create team unity and leadership opportunities for your employees.

Our signature volunteer events include Days of Caring, Day of Action and Read Across America Day. We also support year-round opportunities for groups or individual volunteers.



volunteers gave their time in service to our organization or to the community through Trident United Way-led events


hours of volunteer time generously given to our community



in estimated value of volunteer time in service to the community


The African American Leadership Council holds an annual book drive to collect books for Title I Schools in the Tri-County community and help beat the “summer slide”.

books donated to our Tri-County Elementary Students

Underwear and bras are the most under-donated, yet most-needed items of clothing. This year, as part of the Women United Awards Luncheon, a drive was held to collect new undergarments for women in our community who are experiencing homelessness.

items were collected for Tri-County women and girls in need




backpacks filled with supplies were distributed to 11 local agencies


305 donors

120 volunteers

• Over 200 hours of service to the community




In Berkeley County, Mary, a 56-year-old woman, found herself living alone this summer when her husband unexpectedly passed away. This left her without income or insurance, and she was not yet eligible to access her Social Security benefits. These financial constraints heightened Mary’s health struggles, as she is unable to eat gluten without getting sick, and fresh foods were now proving to be cost-prohibitive. She first reached out to local food banks but found many of the items offered didn’t support her dietary restrictions.

Mary isn’t alone. Food insecurity, defined as the intermittent lack of access to sufficient food for an active, healthy life, looms large in the Tri-County. Census data and other studies indicate that 56% of those food-insecure qualify for SNAP benefits, yet only 8.1% utilize this assistance. Feeding America reports that over 22,000 people in the county grapple with food insecurity. Furthermore, 24% of residents find supermarkets out of easy reach, and a significant 34.8% contend with obesity.

Seeing this critical need, Trident United Way launched the FoodShare Berkeley County program, sponsored by our corporate partner, Nucor. This initiative provides a sustainable pathway to preventive healthcare and financial stability.

One day, Mary was shopping at a local resale store when she happened upon a flyer for FoodShare Berkeley County. She was able to sign up for a large box of fresh fruits and vegetables for just $20 (equivalent to roughly $40 of produce at a grocery store). With the support of Trident United Way’s staff, she also applied for SNAP benefits. A few weeks later she was approved and began receiving the same large box of produce for just $5.

Now, Mary’s kitchen boasts a range of nutritious dishes that support her budget and her dietary needs. In fact, the box holds so much produce she is able to share it with a neighbor who is living in a similar situation to her own.

“It was a lifesaver,” said Mary. “Fresh food that is affordable to me, healthy for me and helped me to not get sick has been so incredible. I share flyers with as many people as I can. I want everyone to know about this program.”


*Originally published on the United Way Worldwide blog

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Throughout the 2021–2022 fiscal year, Trident United Way utilized more than $5.2 million of your investments to directly impact our community through a combination of grants, initiatives and capacity-building tools available to the entire community. Community grants decisions are made by the Trident United Way Board of Directors at the recommendation of a committee of trained community volunteers and independent subject-matter experts.

Trident United Way takes its fiduciary commitment to the community very seriously by maintaining the highest standards of accountability and transparency. 
Visit https://www.tuw.org/financial-reports to review Audited Financial Statements and IRS 990 Forms.
*Net of donor designations and uncollectibles

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Trident United Way’s giving societies are made up of community and business leaders like YOU who are passionate about changing lives and pulling together the expertise and resources that get meaningful results.

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The Trident United Way Palmetto Society recognizes donors who give $1,000 - $9,999 annually to Trident United Way. Palmetto Society members set a standard of charitable giving in our community and motivate others to contribute at a leadership level to Trident United Way.


The Trident United Way Tocqueville Society is a worldwide network of extraordinary community leaders and philanthropists who invest $10,000 or more annually through their local United Ways. At Trident United Way, our members demonstrate a deep commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of children, young people and families in the Tri-County area.


• Premiere networking and social events with other members
• Prominent recognition in Trident United Way’s annual leadership listings
• Opportunities to engage with other highly influential philanthropists in our community
• Special communications about Trident United Way’s work and the impact of your contribution
• Qualification for membership in all applicable donor networks

Trident United Way symbolDONOR NETWORKS

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2 AALC members holding books smiling at cameraAFRICAN AMERICAN LEADERSHIP COUNCIL

Trident United Way’s African-American Leadership Council (AALC) is a network of black and minority leaders in the community working to create bold community change in education, financial stability and health throughout the Tri-County region.

3 WOMEN UNITED members smiling at cameraWOMEN UNITED

Trident United Way’s Women United (WU) is an engaged network of philanthropic leaders committed to improving education, financial stability and health in our region through giving, advocacy and volunteerism.

2 ylu members holding backpacks and smiling at cameraYOUNG LEADERS UNITED

Trident United Way’s Young Leaders United (YLU) is a network of leaders ages 40 and under who are committed to improving education, financial stability and health in our community through giving, volunteerism and advocacy.


• Exclusive networking and social events

• Annual members-only events

• Access to volunteer and community engagement opportunities

• Professional development opportunities

• Select opportunities to network with philanthropic community leaders

• Regular updates and communications from Trident United Way


We invite you to join The Alliance, Trident United Way’s premier corporate recognition program. Expand you reach and allow us to celebrate you for your good work in our Tri-County community.

As a member of The Trident United Way Alliance, you will join a league of community businesses and individuals who are committed to improving the lives of our neighbors. With a gift at one of three levels of support, you will help Trident United Way offer special meetings and activities that shine a light on the impact made through Trident United Way investments and initiatives. Your organization will play a role–and will be recognized for–uniting our community.

Champion Level Sponsor – $10,000 per year
Advocate Level Sponsor – $5,000 per year
Friend Level Sponsor – $2,500 per year

(in-kind donations are recognized at 20% of dollar value)


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Adams Outdoor Advertising
Anita Zucker & The InterTech Group
Chernoff Newman
Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.
MUSC Health
Publix Super Markets, Inc.   
Roper St. Francis Healthcare        
The Post and Courier



Santee Cooper



The Bank of South Carolina 



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