Charleston County Help Resources

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Resources in Charleston County

Food: Pantries  |  Banks  |  Senior Food Programs  |  Soup Kitchens  |  Food for Children and Babies  |  Public Food Assitance.

Housing and Utilities: Shelter and Transitional Housing  |  Residential Programs for Special Populations  |  Rent and Mortgage Assistance  |  Home Construction and Repair  |  Utility Assistance  |  Housing Information and Disputes  |  Coordinated Entry Points.

GED and Education: Early Education and Intervention, K-12/GED Support and Resources,  Parenting, Health, Second Language, and Other Education.

Employment: Job Finding Assistance  |  Job Training, Preparation, and Counseling  |  Employment for Young Adults  |  Special Needs Job Development  |  Ex-Offender Employment Readiness Programs  |  Labor, Employment, and Discrimination Law  |  Unemployment  |  Business Development.

Income Support: Income Support and Public Assistance Programs  |  Financial Workshops  |  Savings, Loans, and Self Sufficiency Programs  |  Business-Owner Related Assistance.

Mental Heath and Addiction: Mental Health Services  |  Suicide and Crisis  |   Addiction Services  |  Support Groups and Care Givers.

Health Care: Public, Community, and Emergency Clinics  |  Eye, Dental, and Hearing  |  Pharmacies, Prescription, and Co-pay Assistance  |  Planning, Screening, and Insurance Information  |  General Hospital Services  |  Medical Equipment, Supplies, and Nutrition  |  Transportation and Co-pay Assistance  |  Senior and Hospice Care  |  Caregiver Support  |  Women and Pediatric Services  |  Physical Therapy.

Individual and Family Support: General Counseling Services  |  Pregnancy, Parenting, Youth, and Family Services  |  Crisis, Suicide, and Domestic Violence Counseling and Services  |  Support Groups  |  Addiction Counseling and Support  |  Weight Management and Support.

Senior Services: Aging Resource Centers  |  Home Care and Independent Living Support  |  Home Modification and Mobility Aids  |  Long-Term Care and Residential Facilities  |  Hearing, Dental, Eye Care, and Other Health Services  |  Meals and Transportation  |  Social Security and Other Legal Services  |  Hospice, Bereavement, and Care Giver Support Groups.

Disability: Disability Information and Advocacy  |  Early Intervention Services  |  Home Modification, Transportation, and Independent Living  |  Resources for the Hearing and Visually Impaired  |  Caregiver Support and Services  |  Daycare, Camp, and Assisted Living Facilities, Physical Therapy.

Homeless Services: Food and Daily Living  |  Benefits Screening and Outreach  |  Shelter and Day Centers.

Children and Maternity Services: Newborn, Maternity, and Parenting Resources  |  Child Care, Camps, and Youth Enrichment  |  Early Intervention, Foster Care, Group Homes, and Juvenile Deliquency  |  Counseling Services for Youth and Family  |  Legal Services for Families  |  Pediatrics and Nutrition  |  Holiday and Wish Programs.

Inmate and Re-entry services: Ex-Offender Reentry Programs  |  Juvenile Delinquency Intervention and Resources.