Workplace campaigns are the bedrock of Trident United Way. Your generous support amplifies our ability to serve the Tri-County community!

Your company can be a leader in the charitable giving space and empower your employees to make an impact in the community. We make charitable giving safe and secure, and more importantly it directly supports local change in our community. Trident United Way provides all the tools and expertise to launch a fundraising campaign quickly. Your employees will have access to donate to Trident United Way's mission to improve outcomes in the areas of education, financial stability and health in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. 

Your campaign can be held at any time of the year, and you can identify the best duration for the fundraising campaign. It can be hosted in the office or completely virtual. Many companies see a campaign as an opportunity to celebrate and center it around events, parties, games and more. Others prefer a digital campaign, with Trident United Way setting up an ePledge portal that is safe and secure.

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Interested in learning more or starting a workplace campaign?

Contact Mike Gibbons, Vice President of Corporate Engagement, at (843)740-9000 or to get started on the United Way campaign trail.

Campaign Materials

Trident United Way provides a campaign toolkit, printable campaign materials, videos and other resources to help you make your campaign the best it can be!

Leadership Giving

Individual donors who give over specific thresholds are provided the opportunity to be recognized in Trident United Way's giving societies and donor networks. As a leadership giver, donors are able to engage more deeply in the work and community of Trident United Way supporters.