FoodShare Berkeley County

Fresh Healthy Food For All

FoodShare Berkeley County, powered by Trident United Way, seeks to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the Berkeley County community to improve financial stability in homes and change individuals' lives through healthy eating.

Many households in the Tri-County area don't have access to healthy fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Barriers to access include where people live, age, income and reliable transportation. Bringing fresh produce into our communities is a form of food equity and is part of our mission. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life in our diverse communities by increasing access to fresh, affordable produce and providing quality food education.

How does FoodShare Berkeley County work?

FoodShare Berkeley County is available to answer questions and place orders for Fresh Food Boxes Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-4:00pm and Friday, 8:30am-3:00pm.

Sign-up for your FoodShare Berkeley County Fresh Food Box

To sign-up complete New Customer Form below. You will receive a confirmation text once your information has been entered into our system. You can also visit the Trident United Way Berkeley Resource Connection Center to sign-up in person. Call 843-761-6033 for any questions.

Order your FoodShare Berkeley County Fresh Food Box

Boxes are available bi-monthly, and must be pre-ordered and paid for by Thursday at 3:00pm to pick up the following week. To pre-order call (843) 761-6033 or visit the Trident United Way Berkeley Resource Connection Center. Boxes must be paid for when pre-ordering through either SNAP ($5/box) or debit/credit card ($20/box).

Pick-up your FoodShare Berkeley County Fresh Food Box

Boxes are distributed twice a month from FoodShare Berkeley County at the Trident United Way Berkeley Resource Connection Center. During distribution week boxes can be picked-up on Wednesday between 12:00pm-5:00pm and on Thursday between 9:00am-4:00pm. When you arrive to pick-up your box just check-in with a staff or volunteer. Your box will be packed and ready to go - including a recipe card highlighting some of the fresh fruits and vegetables included. Be sure to pre-order your box for the next distribution week!

For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.
Distribution Calendar

FoodShare Berkeley County provides a schedule for upcoming FoodShare distributions so you may know in advance when pre-orders need to be made and when you may pick-up your food from a distribution. Calendars below are provided in both English and Spanish.

Recipe Cards

Each Fresh Food Box comes with a card containing recipes utilizing produce for the week in addition to other helpful information. This helps customers who receive produce items they may not be famililar cooking with, and also provides new ideas for meals.

Volunteer with FoodShare Berkeley County

Volunteers are a vital part of FoodShare Berkeley County! There are a variety of volunteer opportunities that all work together to help ensure FoodShare is able to effectively serve our community. If you are interested in volunteering please email

Group of volunteers stands in front of the coolbot at FoodShare Berkeley CountyVolunteer Opportunities and Descriptions

Food Sorting & Counting - every other Tuesday

Volunteers assisting with the food sorting and counting will help inspect, sort and count food items in preparation for food packing. 

Fresh Food Box Packing Day - every other Wednesday

Volunteers are needed to help pack the fresh fruits and vegetables into the Fresh Food Boxes along with useful printed materials in preparation for distribution to the community. 

Fresh Food Box Distribution Day - every other Thursday

Volunteers assisting with the distribution will help us run a drive through for people to pick up their boxes. 

Why is FoodShare Berkeley County a priority?

56% of Food Insecure individuals are eligible for SNAP benefits

According to Feed America,2020

8.1% received SNAP in 2021

According to Census Bureau, 2022

24% of people live farther than 1 mile (urban) or 10 miles (rural) away from a supermarket


34.8% of adults with BMI of > 30 (obese)

According to

Benefits of FoodShare Berkeley County Partnership
  • Creates several ‘doors’ for Berkeley County individuals and families to gain coordinated access to multiple supportive services in financial stability and health
  • Leverages the strengths of partners to achieve common community goals
  • Ensures financial and human capital efficiencies by pooling dollars, coordinating operations and utilizing volunteers
FoodShare Berkeley County FAQ's

Questions about ordering

Place your order in person at the Berkeley Resource Connection Center (BRCC). The order for your next box can be placed during distribution/pick-up days, at BRCC only.

One box is $20 (credit card/debit) or $5 SNAP. Payment is due when your order is placed, and credit card/debit and EBT are accepted.

You may use multiple payment methods, but we will not be accepting cash at this time.

No, there is no limit to the number of boxes an individual can order.

Fresh Food Boxes can be purchased twice a month (distribution days are on Wednesdays and Thursdays). More than one box can be ordered at a time.

There is no current subscription for ordering, but there is an option to order ahead multiple boxes at a time.

Anyone can purchase a Fresh Food Box - you do not have to live in Berkeley County!

Questions about SNAP

Contact the Trident United Way Berkeley Resource Connection Center to schedule an appointment with assistance with the SNAP application.

Tell me more about the Fresh Food Box!

Senn Brothers in Columbia gives FoodShare SC a discounted price for ordering wholesale on fruits and vegetables, so we cannot guarantee that the items are organic.

Boxes will all have the same contents. The type and number of fruits and vegetables will change in each distribution. You may select to order more than one box to accommodate your family size.  

If there are allergy concerns, please let the FoodShare Berkeley County Manager know. We will accommodate the best we can each week.

The contents of the Fresh Food Box will be selected based on seasonal availability which allows for the best price to get more contents in the box. 

Questions about receiving Fresh Food Boxes

Boxes can be picked up from the Foodshare Berkeley County site (500 S Live Oak Dr, Moncks Corner) or any other pickup sites (TBD). 

Ask the program manager for details, as these may be updated frequently. Contact

Photo ID, receipt or photo of receipt, driver information (if someone else is picking up your box) and payment information.

If your box is paid for and you have designated someone to be a driver, you may have them pick up your box. It will be helpful if they bring a receipt or photo of the receipt.

If you are a SNAP customer, the driver may not order your next box for you while at pickup. You must place your next order.

We currently are not delivering, but are working with local sites to accommodate those that are traveling a significant distance from the distribution site in Moncks Corner.

Also, there are options for volunteers to bring boxes to hard-to-reach areas based on need. If you are interested in ordering a box but are concerned about transportation, please contact or (843)761-6033 to discuss options.

If you are unable to make it to pick up, simply call FoodShare Berkeley County or the Trident United Way Berkeley Resource Connection Center, and we will plan to hold the box for you (for a limited time).

If you forget to pick up box by the end of distribution on Thursday without calling your box will be donated.

I want to help!

You can register with FoodShare Berkeley County at the Berkeley Resource Connection Center to become a driver. 

You can volunteer to drop off boxes to other community members near you when you pick up your box! Please email if you are interested.

Questions about FoodShare Berkeley County? Contact Laura Fogle, FoodShare Berkeley Manager, at