Corporate Partners

Thirteen individuals are posing in a warehouse with backpacks they have packed for children in need as part of the Young Leaders United School Supply Drive.

Become a Corporate Partner Today!

Join us in building a more equitable Tri-County, where every individual and family has access to the resources needed to thrive.

Our valued corporate partners align themselves with social responsibilities and community-centered initiatives while gaining meaningful engagement and exposure opportunities. These sponsorships are offered at a variety of commitment levels to closely align with your organization's goals and values. We want to help you create a positive impact in our shared community and within your organization:

CHANGEMAKER - pledge $25,000 or more annually

EMPOWERMENT PARTNER - pledge $15,000 annually 

IMPACT PARTNER - pledge $10,000 annually

RELIANCE PARTNER - pledge $5,000 annually

UNITY PARTNER - pledge $2,500 annually

All of our corporate partners receive recognition on Trident United Way's social media, website, e-newsletter, and a feature on Trident United Way's Days of Caring t-shirt. Explore our 2024-2025 Sponsorship Packet for more information on events, partnership levels, and additional benefits. 

Why Sponsor?

Together, let’s create lasting change and a brighter future for all. Being a Trident United Way Corporate Partner means investing in opportunities for your organization to build valuable connections and support our shared community:

BENEFIT: Organizational partnerships increase brand exposure and elevate your organization’s corporate identity.

SUPPORT: Partnership commitments allow Trident United Way to keep donor funds focused on community impact, programs, and grants.

REINFORCE: Companies can maintain their reputation as a good corporate citizen through philanthropic brand recognition.

EXPERIENCE: Our corporate partners receive exclusive volunteer experiences and sponsorship opportunities for our signature events.

Ready to Partner with Us?

We greatly appreciate your organization's interest in supporting Trident United Way. Please fill out our Corporate Partnership Interest Form below and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly.

Corporate Partnership Interest - Contact Information

Other Ways to Give

Looking for alternative opportunities to increase your organization's community impact? Trident United Way has the experience and expertise to help boost your team's philanthropic efforts and engage employees through additional avenues, like workplace giving campaigns, event sponsorships, and volunteer events that help connect employees to their community and build positive change.

Contact Mike Gibbons, Vice President of Corporate Engagement, for more information on other ways your organization can get involved: (843)740-7739 or email

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations to Trident United Way (EIN 57-0314378) are tax deductible. However, please note that certain benefits, such as event tickets or meals included in sponsorship packages, may not be tax deductible. Thank you for your support in our mission to create positive change in our community.