Request a Member

An AmeriCorps member can serve at your organization to help build capacity around serving clients with basic needs assistance and financial education.

Organizations interested in applying agree to the following guidelines.

Supervision and Work Environment

  • One designated site supervisor that works full time and will provide daily supervision and support to the member must be assigned.
  • A comfortable and safe work environment, including reasonable office space, use of a phone and internet access comparable to that of paid staff must be provided.
  • Identify meaningful tasks for the member written out in the Agency Position Description that aligns with the work of the program and is agreed to by the host site and AmeriCorps Program Manager

Training and Reporting

  • Participation in the Site Supervisor orientation is required for each organization
  • Members must utilize Charity Tracker for measurement purposes
  • Site Supervisor must complete 30 day check-in and semi-annual member performance evaluations
  • Weekly approval of member timesheets
  • Each awarded organization will have a signed Memorandum of Understanding, bearing signatures of the staff supervising the member as well as the host organization’s executive director or highest governing authority.


  • A payment of $9,000 for a reduced full time member or $8,000 for a half-time member that will be billed on a quarterly basis.

AmeriCorps members are limited to the amount of indirect service they can do, and are not clerical or administrative support staff. They do not act in the staff capacity or perform duties that would otherwise be performed by employed workers nor supplant the hiring of employed workers. Members cannot engage in religious instruction, worship, proselytizing, or other religious activities. They many not engage in electoral activities, lobbying or participate in demonstrations during service hours or while representing (or appearing to represent) AmeriCorps.


Applications and all supporting documents must be received by May 1, 5:00pm.

Contact Angie Williams at or (843) 740-7755  


Trident United Way, AmeriCorps Program

325 E Main Street

Moncks Corner, SC 29461


The AmeriCorps Recruitment Team will review applications and make recommendations on site selections by May 13.


AmeriCorps member positions are contingent upon approval of the Trident United Way project application and availability of funds.

Frequently Asked Questions for Host Sites

We begin recruitment for host sites in the late winter or early spring of each year. If your agency is interested, visit our website and apply. If the application is closed, please email Angie Williams, the AmeriCorps Program Manager at  

Our AmeriCorps Members are Family Navigators; they spend their time focused on helping individuals and families connect to community resources. Our Family Navigators can serve at your organization to help build capacity around serving clients with basic needs assistance and financial education. Our members are SC Thrive benefits counselors and by the end of their third month will receive case management certifications. 
AmeriCorps Members are not interns, employees, or volunteers. During their term, they are to focus on the activities outlined in the position description as they align with the grant. AmeriCorps Members are prohibited from fundraising, lobbying, proselytizing. See here (…) for a complete list of prohibited activities from the Code of Federal Regulations. 

Complete start-up requirements

Host site application
Host Site Agreement 
Attend supervisor training (usually last week in July)

Participate in recruitment for team members

Both for your site and referring candidates for the overall applicant pool
Interview candidates to determine site match
3-way match rule (staff, host site, and member agree on placement)

Onboarding team member

Having a physical and digital workspace prepared: internet, phone, office supplies, logins to appropriate systems, etc.
Meet and set clear expectations with team member
Train on your organizational policies and procedures

Ongoing Member Development and Support

Connecting to opportunities for networking and training
Providing feedback to promote personal and professional growth
Coaching and mentoring; giving correction and guidance
Complete 30-day check-in, mid- and end-of-year evaluations

Adhere to compliance guidelines

Train your staff on prohibited vs. allowable activities 
Use appropriate branding, including required window cling at your location and correct language on websites
Monitor member activities to ensure alignment with position
Provide adequate number of hours per week of service opportunities
Review and sign member’s online timesheet every week
Uphold data collection and storage expectations

  • Dorchester Resource Connection Center
  • Berkeley Resource Connection Center
  • FoodShare Berkeley County
  • James Island Outreach
  • Palmetto Project
  • SC Thrive 
  • MUSC
  • SC 211