Q. What is United Way?

A. Trident United Way is a 501c3 that gives you the power to make real, long-lasting change in the Tri-County by addressing the issues that matter the most in people's lives -- education, financial stability and health. We mobilize people and their expertise to work together with a common agenda and shared measurement, because that's the only way to solve complex community issues. By measuring our results, we know that our efforts are making a real difference for the entire community.

Q. How does Trident United Way strengthen our community?

A. By employing research-backed strategies and constantly measuring our results. Trident United Way works as a community connector, a strategic partner or through collective impact networks in which many partners collaborate in a systematic way to solve complex community issues. Trident United Way often serves as the backbone organization, coordinating activities, ensuring communication and developing measurements of success. By focusing on the critical building blocks of a good life -- education, financial stability and health -- TUW and its partners are working to strengthen our entire community.

Q. How is United Way making a difference in our community?

A. Visit our Annual Report page and view recent Impact Reports for more details.

Q. How does Trident United Way decide which programs to invest in?

A. As it works to achieve the bold community change Trident United Way invests in programs run by local agencies that measurably improve people's lives and have the greatest impact in our community. United Way focuses on three core areas that are connected and dependent on each other - education, financial stability and health - without which it is difficult to have a stable quality of life. More than 120 volunteers make the decisions about which programs are the most effective and have the most impact.

Q. To whom can I designate?

A. Trident United Way provides an extra service to our customers, allowing them to donate through United Way to any 501(c)(3) charity in America. Trident United Way sends that money directly to that agency above and beyond any investment United Way makes through its annual investment process in programs run by that agency. However, when you direct your gift elsewhere, Trident United Way can't guarantee that your contribution is having a measurable impact in our community or is supporting the effort to achieve those bold community goals listed above.

Q. How much of my designation goes to the agency I choose?

A. On average, Trident United Way distributes 75 cents of every designated dollar it collects. However, TUW never charges more than $75 to raise, collect and distribute a designated gift.

Q. Why does TUW ask for my email address on the pledge card?

A. Part of Trident United Way's promise is to report to you on our progress. Sending information via email is the fastest and most cost-effective way to do that. But don't worry, we don't give your email address to anyone else and we send our newsletter out just once a month.

Q. My employer forces me to give to United Way.

A. Giving to United Way must always be voluntary. The donor is our customer and we want satisfied customers. Trident United Way has a specific policy against coercion. If you feel you've been forced to give, we want to know about it. Call us anonymously at (843) 740-9000.

Q. I heard about some problems at a United Way. Was that Trident United Way?

A. No. Each of the nation's 1,800 United Ways is an independently operated organization, responsible to its own community. Some United Ways have gotten into trouble for violating national guidelines on the reporting and expenditure of donations. Trident United Way adheres to the strictest ethical and financial standards. If you have questions, contact us at (843)740-9000.

Q. Does United Way invest in programs in Berkeley County and Dorchester County?

A. Absolutely! Trident United Way invests in dozens of programs serving the entire Tri-County area. For a list of investments, visit our Interactive Community Investment Map or visit our Community Investements page. Additionally, Trident United Way collaborates with more than 10 nonprofit agencies to offer FREE SERVICES for community members seeking financial stability at the Reource Connection Centers in Summerville and Moncks Corner.

Q. I know someone who didn't get help from United Way when they needed it. Why not?

A. Trident United Way helps thousands of people every year get the help they need and improve their lives. Most often, United Way's role is to connect people with the appropriate resources -- not actually deliver it ourselves. To get connected to local resources, dial 211, visit sc211.org or text "HELP" or "AYUDA" to 211-211. Trident United Way's 211 call center is a free, confidential, 24/7 resource to connect people to resources in the community.

Q. How can I find a copy of Trident United Way's IRS 990 form?

A. Click here for our IRS 990 forms and audited financial statements.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have more questions about how Trident United Way operates?

A. We encourage questions about our policies and procedures, because the more people know about us, the more they like us. Email our communications department at marketing@tuw.org or call us at (843) 740-9000.