Reading by Third

Tri-County Reading by Third Project - sponsored by Trident United Way


You know that education is one of the most important factors in helping everyone reach their full poential.
What is most important when it comes to the education of our children?  Research shows that reading proficiency in third grade is a key indicator with a strong correlation to high school graduation rates, which in turn can determine the trajectory of a young adult’s career and higher education prospects. Up to third grade you learn how to read, and from third grade on you use the skill of reading to learn other subjects. Not reading at grade level means that all subjects like math, science, social studies could be affected. Therefore, our community knows this is a key factor in economic development in the Tri-County area. 
In our region, approximately 50% of third graders are not reading at grade level.  An innovative project in partnership with area school districts called the Tri-County Reading by Third Project (RB3) is working to find a way to change these numbers.  You can support this demonstration project and help us find a path that would give all our children the opportunity to achieve success! 
RB3 is focused on teacher professional development in the practice of teaching literacy to young children from the Lastinger Institute at the University of Florida. During the summer of 2017 a pilot group of local teachers, who work with PK4-2nd grade students, participated in the initial training so that they could begin with this new paradigm as the school year began.
After only 6 months we are hearing about exciting results from the participating classrooms in area school districts!
With your help, Trident United Way has promised to fund up to $1.5 million over 3 years to fund RB3 and will provide technical support via TUW’s program and evaluation teams. Ongoing communication is paramount and the TUW Director of Education will serve as the primary contact for the entire project team.
Live United by supporting this important collaboration – help our community prove big change is possible!
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Interested in learning more? Contact Amanda Lawrence at or 843-740-7724.