Visualization Tool Instructions

How to use visualization tool

Click on the button to open a new window to view the data vizualiztion dashboard.


For the best rendering of the dashboard, please click on the icon for FULL SCREEN view located in the bottom right corner of the gray Tableau tool footer.

  • Dollars invested and additional details are displayed when you hover over one county’s geography.
  • The investments represented on this map and presentation include:
    • Community Investments - the majority of TUW's service to community including funds directed to grantees and three-year funded projects and initiatives.
    • Disaster & COVID-19 Response and Relief - investments made in response to natural and other disasters that impact Tri-County Residents.
    • Donor Designations - TUW directs donor funds to the chosen organization at regular and predictable intervals.
    • Integrated Community Systems - capacity-building tools, services and systems paid for by TUW to ensure Tri-County organizations and residents are supported in accessing resources and achieving financial stability.
    • Program Evaluation & Public Policy - efforts aim to improve program delivery effectiveness and efficiency through measurement and analysis as well as law and regulations.
    • Volunteer Engagement  - TUW relies on volunteers for community investment decision making and oversight. Additionally, we provide individual and corporate volunteering opportunities by working with partner organizations.
  • You can customize the information displayed on the map by using various filters in the dropdowns on the right side:
    • Select a specific Fiscal Year
    • Select a specific County in the Tri-County Region, or view all three counties
    • Select a specific Area of Investment, or view all investments
    • Select a specific Program/Grantee, or view all 
    • Select a specific Variable to see the impact framed in various ways: dollars, # served, lbs. of food, # of volunteers or the monetary value of volunteer time invested in the community.