Staff Spotlight: Christy Boudolf

Christy Boudolf joined trident united way in july 2015, but she has been a longtime tuw supporter. she regularly donated to trident united way while working in the marketing department at piggly wiggly and was able to bring a unique perspective to the organization. We caught up with Christy to learn a little more about her:
Education: B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing) from Winthrop University; M.M.C. in Advertising from the University of Georgia
Hometown: I always answer 'the Southeast.' I was born in Winston-Salem, N.C., lived in Myrtle Beach, S.C. as a kid and then Coral Springs, Fla. as a teenager.
Role at Trident United Way: I am lucky to serve as the vice president of communication and volunteer engagement (CoVE for short). My service here is twofold: 
1) Leading our team in the implementation of a comprehensive communications and branding strategy designed to inspire giving, advocacy and volunteerism.
2) Providing thought leadership for the strategic volunteer engagement department's efforts, designed to inspire and motivate stakeholders into action and service.
Both areas are focused on supporting TUW's vision, mission and goals.
Favorite Part of Working at TUW: My favorite thing about Trident United Way is the passionate people who are involved in advancing the mission - from staff to volunteers to board members. There is a genuine desire to 'do good' and help others. Isn't that really what it's all about?!
Three Traits that Define Me: Always wanting to do my best, a focus on being kind and demonstrating that I am reliable. 
Something I Can't Live Without: My tribe - meaning the incredible circle of supporters, cheerleaders, confidants and even the ones who push me hard to be my best self. 
Favorite Thing to Do in My Spare Time: I am a foodie! I think my passion for food developed when I was at the Food Network and stars like Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray were 'the shows' on primetime TV. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, I love our culinary scene here in Charleston and I love trying regional food wherever we travel. 
Favorite Vacation: In 1999, after I finished graduate school and before jumping into my career search, I took a trip to France and Italy with my then-boyfriend, now-husband of 20 years, David. We still qualified for student Eurail passes, stayed in hostels and could change our itinerary on a dime. When we visited Cinque Terre in Italy, David proposed to me - and the rest is history! It was the last time I remember traveling with a carefree attitude and fulfilling the deep wanderlust. 
Most Unusual Job I've Ever Had: My most unusual job was when I was in high school and worked for a demonstration company offering samples of food. I was one of the folks you see in the grocery store cooking up samples and hoping and praying you would take a couple of coupons and "be sure to take a package home today!"
People Would Be Surprised to Learn: When I was in fifth grade, I won second place in the Dr. Pepper Punt Pass and Kick contest at my school. I still have the trophy!    
Clockwise from Top Left: Christy with her son                  The Boudolfs enjoy a multi-generational tradition
Noah (13), husband David and daughter Molly (9)            of TPing their own yards at Thanksgiving.