Volunteer Appreciation Week: Monifa Ellington

Volunteer Appreciation Week kudos to Monifa Ellington and her dedicated team at Invegity. One of our biggest supporters, her team has been instrumental in so many areas to improve people's lives. Monifa serves on Trident United Way's African American Leadership Council Steering Committee, serves as Ingevity's Day of Caring coordinator for over 100 employees, as well as serving on one of our Investment Review Councils. 

How long have you been volunteering and supporting TUW?

I’ve volunteered and supported TUW for over 15 years by participating in Day of Caring and Read Across America Day and donating through workplace campaigns at both Young Clement Rivers and Ingevity.

What does it mean to you to volunteer and why TUW?

Volunteerism means pushing up my sleeves to help those in my community who need an extra hand and teaching them how to sustain improved outcomes. I love working with Trident United Way because of its focus on health, financial stability and education as building blocks for success. I also love that TUW brings nonprofits together to figure out the most critical needs in our community, especially during times like the pandemic we’re experiencing today.

How have you been able to get your workplace involved in volunteering with TUW?

My Ingevity coworkers are passionate about philanthropy and volunteerism so it’s easy to get everyone involved. By providing a multitude of opportunities from mentoring to building a garden or joining a program investment review council, employees’ interests are naturally peaked. The fact that employees can volunteer during normal work hours, several times a month, makes it even easier.

Monifa Ellington working hard at the Ronald McDonald House in downtown Charleston

Monifa Ellington working hard at the Ronald McDonald House in downtown Charleston

What do you think it means for your workplace to participate in these volunteer opportunities?

It means we’re aligned with our mission to purify, protect and enhance the world around us. Our mission was developed by Ingevity employees. Participating in various volunteer opportunities means we’re not just saying it, we’re doing it.

What has been your most memorable volunteer experience so far?

Day of Caring 2018 has been my most memorable. Almost 100 Ingevity employees volunteered with Metanoia and led projects throughout the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood. From our CEO and leadership team to supply chain members and plant operations team, we had a variety of employees with one mission of getting the jobs done to enhance the neighborhood. It was a day of love and laughter amongst friends.

What advice can you give to others about getting involved in the community either as an individual or with their workplace?

Don’t hesitate and don’t overthink it - just do it. There are so many people in our community that aren’t looking for a hand-out. They’re prideful people that sometimes, no matter how hard or how much they work, still need a little help. If you’re able to provide that assistance, why wouldn’t you? We never know if one day the shoe may be on the other foot.