You Helped Laura & Her Family Get On Their Feet

In a seemingly hopeless situation like domestic abuse, it sometimes takes a whole community to help. Once stranded with three mouths to feed, Laura is now financially independent and her children are secure, thanks to your support of Trident United Way (TUW) and its partners.

Having exhausted her stay at a local shelter, Laura and her three children were homeless when she approached TriCounty Family Ministries, A TUW funded partner. Laura escaped domestic abuse without the resources to support herself or her children.

Thankfully, upon arrival at Tricounty Family Ministries, she was able to secure available transitional housing and move within hours. Laura and her children were shocked and delighted to find themselves in a new two-bedroom apartment, able to bathe, eat a hot, nutritious meal and sleep on fresh sheets in their own private space.

Today, Laura has met all of the prerequisites of the Families in Transition Program, having found daycare for her children; secured a job; received her GED; and attended financial, life coaching and counseling sessions.

Trident United Way and its partners have adopted a common agenda and shared measurement to help Lowcountry residents increase their financial, educational and health stability. Tricounty Family Ministries is just one of its partners committed to making a difference and ending the cycles of abuse and poverty.