Tuesday is Trident United Way’s Tri-County UNITED for COVID-19 Response Day

Trident United Way is asking everyone to come together this Tuesday, May 5 and support Tri-County UNITED for COVID-19 Response Day.

Groups have requested more than $500,000 from our Tri-County COVID-19 Response Fund. Unfortunately, the fund is unable to meet all of these requests. The shortfall equals around 4,500 families who could be helped if all requests were fulfilled.

In the past month, Trident United Way has funded 16 agencies in four phases totaling $246,000. These funds are helping more than 4,300 families with food, housing, utility assistance and basic needs.

Donations are making a huge difference to our partners. Lowcountry Hope Center executive director Bill Storey says Trident United Way has made a huge impact for the center, which operates a daily food bank where families pick up food twice a month.

Click below to hear from Bill speaking about how supporting Trident United Way and volunteering are so important.

As Bill mentioned, besides monetary gifts, Tri-County groups also need volunteers. Trident United Way brings volunteers and organizations together. Last year, we placed 1,342 volunteers in 107 projects that totaled nearly 5,000 hours. Learn more about volunteering by clicking here.

Tri-County UNITED for COVID-19 Response Day is part of a worldwide charitable giving day. Click here to donate to the fund.  


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