Trident United Way volunteers make 5th annual Read Across America Day a success

Estimated 900 elementary school students learn from volunteer readers

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Trident United Way's 5th Annual Read Across America Day made a difference for students across the Tri-County. More than 40 volunteers read to an estimated 900 elementary school students during the fifth-annual event.

Volunteers visited classrooms at eight local elementary schools to read books to students in Child Development to 3rd grade. Reading aloud to students can help them develop literacy skills.

Unlike last year’s virtual event, this year, volunteers could visit classrooms in person or virtually. Some volunteers got creative, using fun props, costumes, backdrops and more!

Photo of volunteer Sonia Hanson reading to a classroom. She wears a pink cowboy hat and has her arms up while holding a book so students can see illustrations. Student visible in photo are mimicking how she is holding up her arms.

Pictured: Volunteer Sonia Hanson reading and adding a hat to compliment the book!

Education is one of three focus areas at Trident United Way. Data shows that early learning is vital to overall childhood learning.

  • During birth to 5 age range, 90% of a child’s brain development occurs. 
  • 57% of Tri-County children are deemed “not ready” when starting Kindergarten
  • More than half of Tri-County third graders are not reading at grade level.

Click the link below for video: