Trident United Way-funded partner Turning Leaf social justice-themed shirts helped kick-start program

COVID-19 ground program’s business to a halt – now new line of shirts is helping men out of prison make better lives and spread powerful messages


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – Trident United Way grant recipient Turning Leaf is making a difference in the social justice space through T-shirts.

The North Charleston group helps men coming out of prison improve life and job skills.

The COVID-19 pandemic literally shut down Turning Leaf’s screen-printing business, with no new orders.

A grant from Trident United Way’s COVID-19 Response Fund, along with an idea to produce shirts with social justice messages on them got the program back on track.

The shirts are attracting attention and inspiring the men who are working to create them.

Slogans include “Take a Stand” and “It’s time for justice.” Business is picking up thanks to the new shirts, giving the program a much-needed lifeline.

Those who are creating the shirt designs and final product say the goal is to unite people behind a message of love and togetherness.

Click below for downloadable soundbites and video of shirts being made

SOUNDBITE: Jamar Miller / Turning Leaf participant

“A lot of unity has come from different angles, white people protesting along with blacks and different types of people, so a negative situation can turn into a positive outcome," Miller said. "It’s a great situation for brothers coming out of prison, to be able to get yourself together and rehabilitate your mind first, it’s a real good situation.”

Many of the men making the shirts, who have been through the justice system, say they want to make things better for those who may make mistakes in life to ensure they are treated fairly.

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