Trident United Way COVID-19 partner success story: Lowcountry Hope Center

Go inside a facility and see how volunteers are making a difference


Generous donors to Trident United Way’s COVID-19 Response Fund are making a difference to improve people’s lives across the Tri-County.

In less than two months, the fund has allocated more than $332,000 to 23 agencies in six phases.

One of the groups helped is the Lowcountry Hope Center. Located in North Charleston, volunteers run a food distribution program which operates weekdays. For social distancing reasons, click the downloadable link below to see video of the food distribution and soundbites with volunteer Tommy Mansfield and executive director Bill Storey.


Tommy Mansfield/volunteer “I love it, I love seeing people’s smiles on their faces and to see kids that are eating. I see kids who come through here that aren’t in the best of shape and as soon as you give them the food they starting to eat it in the car.”  :14

Bill Storey/Lowcountry Hope Center executive director “Before the virus we had 110 volunteers, right now I have 12. The balance are at home, most of them are elderly, or single parents, or they’re moms with kids.” :15

Bill: “They are, like I said, the best volunteers in the world, they come in here not expecting anything and they just want to serve, that’s the bottom line, that’s what’s on them. They have a servants heart.” :13

The Lowcountry Hope Center is part of the Cathedral of Praise Church. Along with a food program, the center also operates a clothes and furniture distribution ministry. The Lowcountry Hope Center provides around 800,000 pounds of food to families and other nonprofits, serving around 32,000 people yearly.

Like many nonprofit organizations, the Hope Center relies on volunteers. Trident United Way helps groups with events and volunteers. Click here to learn more about how to help your community at a location and time that fits your schedule.

Trident United Way’s Tri-County COVID-19 Response Fund is helping people affected by COVID-19. Funding requests have now topped $584,000 and more money is needed to keep up with the growing needs. Click here to donate.



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