Skills-Based Volunteering for Nonprofits

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Are you a nonprofit interested in being matched with a volunteer? Below you will find additional information on the Skills-Based Volunteer program and the matching process.

Four Keys to a Successful Match

Recruiting and hosting a skills-based volunteer requires more coaching and coordination than a standard volunteer opportunity. The experience more closely aligns with that of managing a contractor. Therefore, to help you have a successful match working with a skills-based volunteer, here are some questions to ask your organization:

  • Do you have a clearly defined need or project? Do you know what end goals or deliverables you’d like to see? What does success look like for this project or need?
  • Is your leadership on board with utilizing volunteers in this capacity? Are they clear on the project or need and agree on what success looks like?
  • Does the staff person who will own and oversee the project have time and capacity to provide direction and supervision to the volunteer?

Answering these questions will determine your organization’s feasibility for hosting a skills-based volunteer and setting the experience up for success.

Prepare and Submit a Project Request

It’s important to provide detailed information about the project you are requesting to be completed by a skills-based volunteer along with timelines, deliverables and outcomes. Think of it as if you were writing a request for proposal (RFP). The following information is essential to complete our project request form online:

  • Project name
  • Detailed description including timelines, deliverables and outcomes
  • Project manager’s contact information
  • Number of volunteers (individual or small group)
  • Skillset of volunteer(s)
  • Type of opportunity (in-person, virtual, hybrid)
  • Length of project (short-term, long-term)

Once you have gathered and prepared all this information, contact Trident United Way Strategic Volunteer Engagement Team ( to receive login credentials and instructions for submitting your project through our online system.

Matching Process

Graphic that describes the matching process. Step 1 - Recruitment - Trident United Way will work to find a volunteer match for the project. Step 2 - Match - When we have a potential match, we will share info via resume or LinkedIn. Step 3 - Hand off/check ins - If the match is agreen upon then we will facilitate a transition to the project manager. If the match is not a good fit we will move back to Step 1.

Skills-Based Volunteering Success Story and Overview

Paige Knowlson, Executive Director of Pattison's Academy, shares their skills-based volunteer experience with Trident United Way!

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