SafetyNet Assistance Network

The SafetyNet Assistance Network (SNAN) is a growing network made up of all community sectors (Nonprofit, Education, Faith-Based, Government, Healthcare, Media and Business) collaborating in response to basic needs and financial stability in our community with a vision of creating a fundamental, lasting change in the clients we serve in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties. SNAN is hosted by Trident United Way and is comprised of more than 240 organizations. 

SNAN focuses on helping families become financially stable. SNAN partners operate using a common framework prioritizing basic needs, because it’s hard to focus on next steps like completing education or finding a job without these needs being met. SNAN partners then focus on assisting individuals and families achieve basic skills, secure income and build savings. Next, the goal is to help individuals gain and sustain assets, like improving credit so they can purchase a car and travel to a job outside their high-unemployment community.

SNAN hosts 5 meetings each year and the conversations focus on:

  • networking to share information with partners

  • building awareness for services available in the Tri-County region

  • training on how to help individuals and families move forward on their path from crisis to stability to self -sufficiency

Join the SafetyNet Assistance Network and connect with like-minded philanthropic individuals who are working to assist individuals and families on their path to financial stability.

Interested in learning more? Contact Cathy Easley at or (843) 740-7733