Affordable Housing is a Critical Need for Many in the Tri-County

group of volunteers helping to build a house for habitat for humanityLiving at or below the poverty level ($27,500 for a family of four) fosters an unstable and sometimes chaotic daily life for individuals and families here in the Tri-County. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from or where you and your children will sleep tomorrow creates a frantic mindset. It is difficult to think beyond the present moment. Without daily stability, it is not possible to consider applying for a better job, putting money into a savings account, or completing GED coursework.

Trident United Way recognizes that the integration of two impact areas, Basic Needs and Financial Stability, can lead to better overall financial outcomes. Our initiatives begin with addressing the basic needs of our clients, followed by developing skills, increasing income and savings, and, finally, gaining and sustaining assets.

Through these initiatives, Trident United Way is able to partner with other local nonprofit agencies to improve financial outcomes for our neighbors around the Tri-County area.

Recently, Trident United Way was pleased to serve as a subgrantee of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERA), in partnership with the United Way Association of South Carolina, to award grants to 18 local organizations providing housing stability services

The United Way Association of South Carolina (UWASC) was awarded $11 million in federal funds from SC Housing. These funds were allocated to 39 South Carolina counties through local United Way affiliates. Trident United Way was tasked with dispersing funds exclusively for Dorchester County, as Berkeley and Charleston counties had already received and expended direct federal funds for this purpose. While the funds were specifically allocated for Dorchester County, recipients of the services can reside in Berkeley, Charleston or Dorchester County. 

“Trident United Way was thrilled to receive this $1.25 million award for housing subgrants, which will provide funding to 18 of our Dorchester County community partners,” said Associate Vice President of Community Impact Cathy Easley. “This ensures these partners can continue to help community members apply for housing assistance with SC Stay Plus and other local organizations through the end of the year, which is a tremendous opportunity for our community.”

two volunteers helping to build a house for habitat for hummanityAffordable housing is one of the most critical resources for economically successful communities, like the Charleston area. Ensuring that all of our neighbors have housing stability as our area continues to grow is the responsibility of the entire community. Trident United Way is honored to support these 18 impactful subgrantees toward furthering the goal of creating more and better resources for all.

Father-to-Father is happy to partner with Trident United Way to provide the tools necessary to help members of our community get back on their feet,” said CEO Tom Swanciger. “Our H2O (Housing to Home Ownership) Program offers a six-week course for our fathers to learn how to navigate the housing market and become home renters or owners. This funding has enabled us to offer two separate courses this year. We are grateful to Trident United Way and SC Housing to have the opportunity to offer these resources to our fathers.”

All subgrantees will report their outcomes to Trident United Way after December 15, at which time results will be shared with the community. 

The following organizations each received up to $50,000 in subgrants in this round of funding from Trident United Way:

  • A Second Chance Resource Center Network United, Inc.
  • Center for Heirs' Property Preservation
  • Charleston Area Urban League
  • Charleston Legal Access
  • [Charleston] Pro Bono Legal Services
  • Children in Crisis Inc DBA Dorchester Children's Advocacy Center
  • Community Resource Center
  • Dorchester County Community Outreach 
  • Dorchester Resource Connection Center TUW
  • Family Services, Inc. DBA Origin SC
  • Father to Father, Inc
  • I AM VOICES, Inc
  • Increasing H.O.P.E Financial Training Center
  • Magdalene House of Charleston 
  • Mental Health HEROES
  • One80Place
  • Ridgeville Community Resource Center Inc.
  • The Joy of Jesus Ministries

Services covered under these grants include:

  • Eviction prevention counseling
  • Eviction diversion counseling
  • Housing counseling
  • Mediation between landlords and tenants
  • Fair housing counseling
  • Case management (as part of housing stability)
  • Housing-related services for survivors of domestic abuse or human trafficking
  • Legal services or attorney’s fees related to eviction proceedings and maintaining housing stability
  • Specialized services for individuals with disabilities or seniors that support their ability to access or maintain housing

This article was originally shared in the Charleston Regional Business Journal 2022 Giving Guide. Click here to view the original article.