Mark and Becky Joye make one of the largest individual donations ever received by Trident United Way

Mark and Becky Joye make one of the largest individual donations ever received by Trident United Way
Joye family $100,000 gift is major commitment to the community to help further TUW’s priorities of education, financial stability and health.


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (Jan. 14, 2020) – Trident United Way is grateful to announce Charleston-based attorney Mark Joye and his wife Becky are making one of the largest individual donations ever to Trident United Way.

The Joye’s $100,000 gift is directed to support Trident United Way’s focus areas of education, financial stability and health. The Joye family specified there are no restrictions attached to the donation, saying “Trident United Way are great stewards.”

Mr. Joye is a partner in the Joye Law Firm, founded in 1968 by Joye’s father, Reese. The firm has a long tradition of giving back to the community, including the “Joye in the Community,” program that encompasses all of the firm’s community and service efforts to support local education and aid organizations. The firm also offers several college scholarships each year.

Mrs. Joye is a College of Charleston alumna and previously had a successful career in the medical device sales and management fields. She is active in several Tri-County charitable causes.

Mr. and Mrs. Joye say the donation is not about business or career success, it’s about how they were raised by serving fellow community members and contributing now while they can see the positive benefits in action instead of waiting for later in life.

“My position here today of Becky and I making this gift to Trident United Way is really seeded in we have a duty to help out those who can’t help themselves out," Mr. Joye said. ”We read enough in the news that just pulls you down. The idea that you can help lift people, we need that as a society, so Becky and I are just thrilled to be able to do it and hope to continue to do more of that.”

Mr. and Mrs. Joye say the large donation is not a “one time gift” and they hope to continue charitable efforts in the Tri-County.

They are proud to unite with so many people who have chosen to invest in Trident United Way, adding the Tri-County has a wealth of community leaders who put others ahead of themselves. The couple is hopeful this will create a multiplier effect for people to help in whatever way they can, whether it’s through volunteering, anonymous donations or corporate leaders coming together for a renewed focus on giving back.

“The Joye family has a long tradition of serving the Tri-County by helping those in need and this generous donation cements their legacy as philanthropic leaders in our community,” said Chloe Knight Tonney, Trident United Way President and CEO. “Our efforts to lift the community happen because of visionary donors and this very significant contribution will further accelerate our work to improve the education, financial stability and health of our community.”


Mark and Becky Joye