Literacy United Celebrations

We love to hear the good news and success coming out of the Literacy United program, and we are thrilled to share this with you! Check back to see more quotes and photos from teachers and students who are involved in the program.


student working on elkonian board in classroom     student working on elkonian board in classroom

Pictured above are two students who did two Elkonin boxes on their own without help or prompting! Both students were non writers in September 2020. (Photos from February 2021)

"During the Literacy United pilot program, one reading interventionist told Trident United Way about her student who entered kindergarten not reading and barely speaking English. After using the Literacy United method for just one semester, she is reading at a first grade level."

“I worked with one of my students for the whole year to try to gain his reading proficiency. I spent six weeks with him using the UFLI method, and he saw more growth in six weeks than he did in an entire year of classroom instruction.” 

-Literacy United Trained teacher

“I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical at first. ‘Just one more teacher training,’ I thought. But this method has brought me the greatest joy of my career -  seeing my students light up as they learn to read the words in front of them.”

-Literacy United trained teacher