The Legacy Society

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Make a lasting impact and sustain your care for our community long beyond your lifetime with a planned gift to Trident United Way's Endowment.

Your Legacy Society gift will help bridge the gap between the funds raised annually and funds needed long-term to make a measureable difference in people's lives.


Why Should You Give to the Legacy Society?

REASON # 1: Fund Today's Programs Tommorrow and make new and expanded services possible

REASON # 2: Address Emerging Needs to help meet and build solutions for our community's future challenges

REASON # 3: Meet the Greatest Needs by ensuring resources to address our community's most pressing problems



So Many Ways To Give:
  • A Bequest in your will

  • Gifts of Stocks or Bonds provide you with a tax deduction in the year you make your Legacy Society gift.

  • An IRA or 401K distribution to Trident United Way may save you significant taxes.

  • Life Insurance that leverages your contribution with possible matching funds available.

  • Charitable Trusts or Annuities pay you income while you provide for the future needs of the community through Trident United Way.

For more information, contact Kristen Gandy, (843)-740-7748 or