Janiah Success Story

When Janiah was in the fourth grade, she was having behavioral problems and reading at the second grade level at Harleyville-Ridgeville Elementary School. Trident United Way’s Links to Success initiative provided academic and non-academic services to Janiah. Over two years, her performance has turned around. By sixth grade, she was reading at a seventh grade level and no longer had behavioral issues. “ By bringing together multiple partners inside her school, Links to Success helped Janiah improve her MAP scores an astounding 25 points, or three grade levels,” said Todd Martin, Links Coordinator. “She typifies the kind of difference a well-structured initiative can make in a child’s life.”

Through these community learning centers, Trident United Way partners with all four local school districts and diverse community service partners to contribute to school turn-around and an on-time graduation rate of 88% by 2020.