Thank you for your contribution to Trident United Way’s annual fundraising campaign.  The purpose of the annual fundraising campaign is to develop and enhance the resources available to Trident United Way’s Community Impact work.  Community volunteers then invest those resources strategically in the Tri-County community in order to create lasting, measurable change on the most pressing issues facing families and individuals. 

Trident United Way promotes investing in the Community Impact work as the most effective way to invest in the Tri-County community above any form of designated giving.

If you indicate on your pledge form you would like all or a portion of your contribution to not support Trident United Way, but instead to be designated or directed to another specific 501(c)(3) charity or charities, the process by which Trident United Way manages designations to other nonprofit organizations is as follows:

  • Trident United Way honors donor designations to any verified 501(c)(3) organization of $50 or more per organization. Verification consists of, on an annual basis, confirming the organization has an active 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service and completes additional verifications as may be required by United Way Worldwide. No oversight is provided by Trident United Way on the use of designated funds, and the organization designated by the donor may use the designated funds in the manner it sees fit (salaries, training, program services, etc.).

  • To protect the privacy of our donors, Trident United Way will not release the names of individuals who designate their contribution without authorization for the release of such information. If a donor provides authorization, Trident United Way will send donor information to the designated organization in April.

  • Trident United Way will deduct fundraising and administrative costs at the rate of 15 percent (with a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $75) per designation.

  • Trident United Way will pay the verified designated organization (net of the fundraising and administrative costs) on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, and October).

  • Gifts or payments made by cash, check, credit card, or stock will be paid in the month following the quarter in which payment is received from the donor. For example, payments received in January, February, or March will be paid in April; payments received in April, May, and June will be paid in July, etc.

  • Designations made through payroll deduction contributions will be paid to the verified designated organization based upon the pledged payroll deduction amounts collected from the contributing organization in the quarter immediately preceding the quarterly payout month.

If you have any questions regarding our management of designations, please contact Caroline Byrd, VP of Resource Development, at (843) 740-7749 or

Updated 12/06/19