Dana and D'Nala's Success Story

Dana Caroll was told that her little girl, Ge’Novia, had Down syndrome at one week old. With two other children in the family, Dana was grateful for all of the help that MUSC Children’s Care provided. Through the hospital’s partnership with Trident United Way, she was referred to the Family Literacy Program (FLP) to prepare her 5 year old daughter, D’Nala, for school.

The FLP provides families assistance with health and educational needs.

“They can learn what is required for school entrance so when they get to school they’re ready, they start on time and they’re excited about learning,” said Dr. Henry Lemon. “This promotes readiness at first grade, third grade, high school and even graduation.”

 D’Nala and her mother have been given the tools to prepare her for school through their sessions at the FLP. She now knows her alphabet and is beginning to read.

“They make sure health and education comes first,” said Dana. “You always have to put the child first. Literacy has to come first for them to excel in school.”

Trident United Way knows that health and education are intertwined. Programs like the FLP are preparing hundreds of children like D’Nala for a bright and successful future.

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