ALICE in the Media


NewsBreak (July 6, 2024) - ALICE is on the rise in the US

iHeartRadio Communities (June 15, 2024) - United for ALICE Interview

Business Insider (May 25, 2024) - Stuck in a hellish loop: ALICE parents explain how they never have enough money to give their kids the life they want

Business Insider (May 22, 2024) - How to know if you’re an ALICE: You’re barely paying your bills but don’t qualify for government assistance

Marketplace (May 14, 2024) - 211 call centers show financial strain above the poverty line

CNBC (April 29, 2024) - 29% of households have jobs but struggle to cover basic needs: They are ‘one emergency from poverty,’ one expert says

Business Insider (April 24, 2024) -

Daily mail (April 22, 2024) - Are you an 'ALICE'? Experts sound the alarm over concerning financial trend

Business Insider (April 18, 2024) - More and more Americans are becoming 'ALICEs.' They can't afford rent and groceries but are falling through the cracks in the country's safety net.

The Wall Street Journal (April 6, 2024) - The Calls for Help Coming From Above the Poverty Line

USA Today (April 3, 2024) - We can agree that no one in this country should go hungry. Can that help unite America?

Fast Company (March 5, 2024) - Why more middle-class Americans are defining themselves as working class

The New York Times - A Life without a Home

The Washington Post - Think child care is hard to find now? Wait a couple of months.

Netflix Maid based on Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive

NPR - The Scarcity Trap: Why We Keep Digging When We're Stuck In A Hole

YWCA Spokane - Race, poverty, and access to wellbeing in America

USDA Economic Research Service Food Security and Nutrition Assistance


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