Community Members Looking Out for One Another

two women hugging on a beach. One is wearing a jean jacket the other a grey sweatshirt. It looks like a cold and cloudy day.Recently, a manager at a local retail store had concern for a long-time employee, Paula, and contacted our Dorchester Resource Connection Center in search of help. Paula had suddenly taken custody of her teenage grandchild who was struggling with health issues and could not be left alone. As a result, Paula had to scale back to part-time work so that she could be home before and after school. Additionally, when the child’s mother left, she took the SNAP and Medicaid cards with her. Now, not only was additional care needed for the child, but the financial supports that were in place were unavailable. Paula could no longer make ends meet.

More than four in ten households in the United States with one or more working adults are unable to stretch their income to meet their household needs. Often, it only takes one unexpected expense to deplete a family's resources.

Thankfully, Paula’s manager knew about Trident United Way’s Resource Connections Centers and reached out. Our team was able to get Paula assistance for rent, food and utilities so that she could be there for her grandchild.

We are always thrilled when we can help a neighbor in need, and the impact is even greater when caring community members step in to offer support as well.