Who We Are

Who We Are

Trident United Way gives you the power to make real, long-lasting change in the Lowcountry by addressing the issues that matter the most in people's lives -- education, financial stability and health.






 We mobilize people and their expertise to work together using a common agenda and shared measurement, because that's the only way we can solve complex problems.

By measuring our results, we know that our efforts are making a real difference for the entire Lowcountry.

How We Work

Trident United Way works to make real, long-lasting change through collective impact, a systematic approach in which many partners agree in advance on how they will approach the issue at hand and how they will determine success.

These collaborations require a backbone organization to manage the partnership and ensure communication among the partners. Trident United Way often plays that backbone role.


See the Lowcountry’s plan for Bold Community Change.


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