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Christopher F. Kerrigan
President & CEO
   Merridith Crowe
   Chief Operating Officer
  Anita Wood
  Executive Operations Specialist
Resource Development


 Caroline Byrd

 Vice President of Resource Development
 Kristen Gandy
 Director of Community Philanthropy
 Karl Brady
 Major Gifts Officer

 Kristin Raymond
 Director of Corporate Development
Kathleen Stevens
Development Officer
 Amy Maciariello
 Business Partnership Officer
   Kari Hardman
   Campaign Officer
Michelle Bornfleth
Affinity Groups Manager

Gloria Roderick
Data Management Specialist
Terri Crocker
Administrative Assistant
 Evaluation and Learning 
Jonathan Rauh
Director of Evaluation and Learning
Lyndsey Marchman
Evaluation and Learning Manager
Central Support Services
   Brad Simpson
   Director of Human Resources
     Andrea Boccucci
     Senior Accountant
    Angela Quaranto
    CRM Database Manager
    Ulli Kranz
    Human Resource Specialist
     Cheryl Clair
     Finance Specialist
     LaQuista Dempsey
     Finance Specialist
     Mae Lucas
     Administrative Assistant
Communications & Volunteer Engagement

   Christy Boudolf
   Vice President of Communications 
       & Volunteer Engagement


  Caroline Morris
  Marketing and Communications Manager
  Zach Anderson
 Marketing Coordinator

  Melissa Britton
  Strategic Volunteer Engagement Director

  Amanda Netsch
 Strategic Volunteer Engagement Manager

Community Impact
Amanda Lawrence
Vice President of Community Impact

  Debbie Mann
  Administrative Assistant
Community Impact - Education 
Kate Buckholz
Director of Education Innovation
Community Impact - Financial Stability
  Shakelia LeBlanc 
  Prosperity Center Operations Specialist
  (Berkeley County)
  Amanda Nadel 
  Prosperity Center Operations Specialist
  (Dorchester County)
Community Impact - Health
 Kellye McKenzie
 Director of Health
Community Impact - Integrated Community Systems
Cathy  Easley
Director of Integrated Community Systems
Joselyn Johnson
AmeriCorps Program Manager
John Boyle
The Benefit Bank Regional Training Coordinator


 SC Thrive/United Way Association of South Carolina

 Katrina Seastrunk

 Lowcountry Regional Coordinator
 SC Thrive
 Rashaunda Grant
 2-1-1 Outreach Specialist
 United Way Association of South Carolina