Free Tax Preparation

IRS tax season for 2016 on-time tax returns is 01/23/17 until 4/18/17.

Paperwork and Information to bring with you for your appointment:

  • 2015 tax return (if available)
  • W-2 wage earnings from any job in 2016
  • 1099 tax forms from retirement, disability, social security, interest, dividends from stocks and bonds
  • Form 1095 from Affordable Care Act insurance

Prospertity Center Tax Preparation Events

File your taxes with assistance from our trained tax counselors at The Prosperity Centers by appointment.  Our system can go back three tax years (2013, 2014, and 2015) if clients need to file back-taxes.


Self-Serve FREE online Tax Filing Websites


Extensions for 2016 tax returns may be requested at