Volunteer Appreciation Week: Will Hopkins

Trident United Way celebrates our volunteers who give their time and passion to benefit our community. Today we feature Will Hopkins, practice manager at Trident Dermatology. Will serves on Trident United Way's Young Philanthropist's Steering Committee as well as on a funding review council.

How long have you been volunteering and supporting TUW?

I have been supporting and volunteering with TUW since 2016.  Prior to that I was volunteering with United Way in Aiken County.

What does it mean to you to volunteer and why TUW?

Volunteering with TUW means so much to me on many levels. Giving back to the community and those less fortunate than me is the way I was raised. I grew up in a very impoverished area of Louisiana, so I know what it’s like to be in some of the areas that TUW supports.  

Photo of Will Hopkins volunteering for One80Place

Will Hopkins volunteering One80Place

What do you think it means for your workplace to participate in these volunteer opportunities?

I view my workplace as an extension of myself. I want my workplace to participate in opportunities for TUW for the same reason that I participate.  Thankfully, I’m in a great organization that believes in supporting the community and helping others.

What has been your most memorable volunteer experience so far?

I have had many memorable volunteering experiences. The Sip and Serve Backpack/School Supply drive is incredible. I know what it is like to need and want a new backpack as a kid and the school supplies that fill that bag, so that always holds a special place

The other would probably be Bingo with Our Lady of Mercy. I think back to my maternal grandmother and her sisters and their “love” of bingo and that makes that event very special.  Lastly would be any opportunity to serve at One80 Place. As a veteran, helping veterans that are in need is important. Looking at the overall theme of my memorable experiences revolve around helping the most vulnerable of our society and those that have served our society are right in line with the spirit and meaning of TUW.

What advice can you give to others young or mid-level professionals about getting involved in the community either as an individual or with their workplace?

Just participate and really take a step back while volunteering (or giving) and think about the simple act that you are undertaking and how it does make a difference.  We’ve become a very transactional society and young/mid-level professionals don’t often see a benefit in something unless the tangible benefit is visible or hits home.  What we do with TUW is a tangible benefit and well worth any transactional cost incurred by volunteering or giving to TUW.