Three Tips for Running a Successful TUW Workplace Campaign

Trident United Way kicked off its 2017 campaign season with workplace campaigns at C&S Wholesale Grocers and SCANA, the latter of which is one of the 10 largest campaigns of the year for TUW. With over 700 employees in the Tri-County region, SCANA raised $219,695 last year specifically for the work of  Trident United Way to improve education, financial stability and health of our region.

Kathleen Stevens hit the ground running when she joined Trident United Way as a development officer in April. She served as the TUW relationship manager for these first two campaigns of the season, working with employee campaign coordinators who volunteer their time to help run a United Way campaign at their workplace. The South Georgia native shares her recent experience working with SCANA’s Campaign Chair Scott Runyon and three tips for running a great campaign.

1. Help EVERY employee feel part of something bigger.

KATHLEEN: “This year, Campaign Chair Scott Runyon and I tag-teamed the presentations together and Scott did an excellent job of keeping his co-workers engaged. He’s very involved as both the campaign chair for SCANA and a member of our Program Investment Review Council so his passion for the organization really came through. ”

SCOTT: “As a member of the TUW Program Investment Review Council, I enjoy sharing how Trident United Way makes funding decisions and holds funded partners accountable via this group of community leaders,” Runyon says. “It is important for our employees and donors to understand that this review process ensures an investment with Trident United Way positively impacts our community.”

2. Create leadership opportunities.

KATHLEEN: “A campaign should provide opportunities for employees to step into leadership positions within the campaign. Because SCANA is such a large company, it has a steering committee of nine individuals from different departments within the company. There are three leadership positions on that committee: a campaign chair, vice chair and the Day of Caring coordinator. A leadership member will begin as the Day of Caring coordinator and then cycle through the vice chair position before assuming the campaign chair position. This is a great set up to allow future leaders to train under current leaders and gives the campaign chair several years of exposure to Trident United Way and its mission before it is his or her turn to lead. It also gives employees greater exposure to colleagues outside their department.”

KATHLEEN: “Just as important as finding leadership for the campaign is finding leadership donors and recognizing them for their contributions! A leadership donor is someone who gives at the $1,000 level or higher and Scott and his steering committee came up with a fun way to thank these special donors. They designed a candy bar wrapper and left one on each leadership donor’s desk along with a letter signed by company executives. Making sure co-workers know how grateful we are for their gift is an important part of the campaign and it was a true committee-wide effort to make sure the leadership donors felt appreciated.

3. Build community champions.

KATHLEEN: “As a new employee at Trident United Way and a donor myself, I have observed how it takes year-round engagement to build a community of champions. The more employees can be exposed to Trident United Way throughout the year through company-organized activities and volunteer opportunities, the more connected they feel to their Tri-County home. SCANA set up a funded partner lunch and learn for some of the newer employees this year which gave them a greater understanding of why the company is such a large supporter of Trident United Way and its funded partners. They also participate in TUW's Day of Caring each year."

If you do not currently run a campaign at your place of employment and would like to, contact Vice President of Resource Development Caroline Byrd at  

SCANA employees enjoying a lunch cooked by their colleagues before the annual campaign presentation begins.

SCANA employees enjoy a lunch prepared by their colleagues before the annual campaign presentation begins.