Thank a Teacher!

Teachers and school staff influence the lives of their students in many ways, and can have a lasting impact well beyond their school years. In the spring of 2020 there were significant changes to classroom structures due to COVID-19 that required most teachers to adapt their daily lesson plans in a very short timeframe. Many spoke about their concern for students beyond the classroom, including the need for meals that some students would typically receive at school during the day.

As we await the final decisions on what the 2020-21 school year will look like, we know that local teachers, administrators, staff and other supporters of our students are working tirelessly to make sure students return to school with addtional safety measures and supports in place to foster learning. 

We are more grateful now for our teachers and school staff than ever before. Trident United Way would like to show school teams how valued they are in our community. We will be delivering Thank You cards to public school teachers and staff throughout the Tri-County area at the start of the new school year, sharing your reflections of how these essential workers have impacted the life of your school-aged child.



There are two ways to send a card! Even if you didn't attend school in the area, you can still share your appreciation. Cards will be distributed to teachers and staff at random.


1. Email Kathleen Stevens at to request a set of 25-50 cards for you and your coworkers to complete and return to TUW.


2. Submit your card electronically! Fill out your contact information below, write a short note and select a design, and your card will be delivered in our mailbag.



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Maximum 300 characters, we cannot guarantee delivery to a specific teacher.