Stock Transfer Information


A. If shares are held at your Brokerage House, Trust Department, or Financial Institution:

1. Contact Bridget Bush, Chief Financial Officer at Trident United Way.  Include the following gift details: 

Stock name and number of shares to be transferred

Estimated gift amount

Brokerage firm the shares are being transferred from.

Bridget Bush, Chief Financial Officer (843) 740-7746 or

2. Contact your financial advisor and provide required transfer authorization of shares to transfer to Trident United Way or complete the transfer form with the information below:  

Receiving Firm Name:  Bank of America (US Trust)

DTC #:    0955 

Account Name: Trident United Way

Account Number:    07-16-002-1584747

Contact: Bridget Bush, (843)696-5648 

Address:6296 Rivers Avenue N. Charleston, SC  29406 


                 P.O. Box 63305 Charleston, SC  29419

3. Please ask your broker to notify Bridget Bush of Trident United Way that the gift is coming.


B. If shares are held by you in the form of certificate or direct reinvestment program (ex. Computershare or Wells Fargo Shareowner Services):

1. Contact Bridget Bush, Chief Financial Officer at Trident United Way to discuss the transfer details at (843) 740-7746 or

2. In the case of a stock certificate, we will need:

  • the stock certificate

  • a signed stock power form (provided by Trident United Way)*

  • *This will need to be sent separately from the stock certificate if mailed.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 63305,  Charleston, SC 29419-3305 

Overnight Address:

6296 Rivers Avenue, 2nd Floor, N. Charleston, SC  29406


Tax Identification Number:   57-0314378

Phone (843) 740-9000, FAX (843) 566-7193                                                                 


 Downloadable PDF - Trident United Way Stock Transfer Instructions


Updated 2/13/19