Staff Spotlight: Meet Jonathan

Staff Spotlight Jonathan Raugh  Take Action Volunteer Care Prosperity Charity Navigator Charleston SC Charity United Way Donate/ Donation GuideStar Volunteer Opportunities  Nonprofit /Non- Profit Organizations Charleston South Carolina Community Service Near Mejonathan rauh joined trident united way as director of evaluation and learning in march. in addition to his work helping managing tuw's evaluation processes, rauh oversees trident united way's public policy efforts. we caught up with jonathan to learn a little more about him. 

Education: BA: Political Science; MPA, PhD with concentrations in Public Policy/Research Methods (Statistics) and American Government

Hometown: Dillion, S.C. - Home of South of the Border and Ben Bernanke, former Chair of the Federal Reserve

Professional Background: Research Administrator, SC Department of Education; Senior Regulatory Coordinator, Aflac; Director of Government Affairs, SC Association of School Administrators; Assistant Professor of Political Science, East Carolina University

Role at Trident United Way: I wear a number of hats at TUW, serving in both policy and evaluation roles. In my evalution role, I am essentially an internal consultant for the operations division and an external evaluator for TUW's funded projects. I oversee the design and implementation of surveys, design statistical models for assessing the effectivenss of funded projects and assess the fidelity of implementation of change documents. On the policy side, I liaise with community members and elected officials to ensure that the work and role of TUW is understood within the community. Additionally, I work with the United Way Association of South Carolina to ensure TUW's policy priorities are given a voice at the state level and ensure that TUW leadership remains abreast of the policy agendas from the state association and other United Ways across the state. 

Favorite Part of Working at TUW: About my job: I enjoy being able to take complex pieces of information and make them understandable and then having that information used to improve outcomes. About TUW: Definitely, the people. 

Three Traits that Define You: Persistence, Empathy and Snarky

One Thing You Can't Live Without: Coffee

Favorite Quote: There is a quote from Paul Bowles' The Sheltering Sky that I like: "Because we don't know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive your life without it? Perhaps four, five times more, perhaps not even that. Hoa many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps 20. And yet it all seems limitless."

Greatest Challenge You've Overcome: Probably Parris Island (as a Marine). 

Favorite Things to Do in Your Spare Time: I try to stay in shape, play with my dog and try not to annoy my wife too much. I'm also a fan of British TV shows. 

Current Read: I do not get the chance to read for pleasure a great deal, but right now I am reading Salman Rushdie's Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. 

Favorite Vacation: My family is originally from Germany and I went back for Christmas three years ago. It was just me and three friends. We stayed in Berlin for a few days, Weimar, Frankfurt and Baden-Baden - just doing the museums, restaurants and Weihnachtsmarkts (Christmas markets). 

People Would Be Surprised to Learn: I am a firm believer that the more intelligent you are the less certain you should be of anything. 

Advice for 13-Year-Old Jonathan: Don't take things so seriously.