Staff Spotlight: Meet Andrea

Andrea Staff Spotlight  Take Action Volunteer Care Prosperity Charity Navigator Charleston SC Charity United Way Donate/ Donation GuideStar Volunteer Opportunities  Nonprofit /Non- Profit Organizations Charleston South Carolina Community Service Near Meandrea Boccucci has been trident united way's senior accountant for the past six years. among her duties, she helps lead an ethical and transparent finance department and assists with the organization's yearly audit. after getting a clean audit for the sixth straight year, we caught up with andrea to learn a little more about her. 

Education: B.S. in Accounting from Converse College

Hometown: Spartanburg, S.C.

Professional Background:  I began working in accounting part time as an intern and admin assistant at a small firm in Spartanburg. The firm was bought by Dixon Hughes Goodman and the day after my college graduation, I moved into a full-time accountant role there. In 2008, I moved to a small firm in West Ashley because I was chasing a boy. That obviously worked out well for me because we just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary on Oct. 17! After I had our first child, I worked some short-term temporary assistant jobs before making my way to Trident United Way. 

Role at Trident United Way: As the senior accountant, I supervise the finance associate and the finance specialist. I handle account reconciliations, payroll and - for the moment - the creation of monthly financial statements. The annual audit is a large work effort for me; anything the finance department does over the course of the fiscal year can potentially be inspected. It's my responsibility to make sure that all of the thousands upon thousands of transactions that flow through our department each year are properly coded and any backup documentation is included with the transaction records. I couldn't do this without everyone in the organization's assistance and accountability in helping keep all transactions transparent and well-documented. Also, it's not officially in my job description, but I'm also a highly reliable source of chocolate for the office. 

Favorite Part of Working at TUW: My favorite part of my position is getting to assist the clients that come to Cathy [Easley, director of integrated community systems] for financial help. Knowing that a direct action on my part has helped keep someone in his or her home or keep lights on is a soul-lifting experience for me. My favorite part of Trident United Way is the people. I've been here for six years and over that time I've made so many meaningful connections with the people that have worked here. I was an auditor when I was at Dixon Hughes and it has been really fun to be on the other side of the table. As an auditor, you get to see a lot of people but you only spend 3-5 days each year with them so you don't get to build meaningful relationships. Now I get to develop deeper relationships with people that I get to see almost every day.

Three Traits that Define You: Tenacious, caring, loyal

Your Definiton of Success: This year's audit was a success - it was clean with no adjustments needed and no auditor recommendations. We rocked out this year!

Favorite Things to Do in Free Time: I love reading and watching movies with my family. My favorite thing to do is spend an afternoon cuddled on the sofa with my husband and our two kiddos, watching movies and eating popcorn. My second favorite thing to do is nap.

Besk Book You've Ever Read: I can't pick just one! Let's go with my favorite series: Harry Potter. I fell in love with the first few books early in high school and by the time the last few books came out I was pre-ordering them on Amazon so I could get them on release day and stay up all night. I would read the new releases in just over a day!

Favorite Place You've Traveled to: At the beginning of October, I went to Dallas on a work trip and it was the best work trip I've ever had. I had never flown before this trip and I fell in love with flying. I had a blast! As far as personal trips go, my husband and I have family spread all across the East Coast (and a few toward the West Coast as well) and we typically spend most of our vacations going to visit them.

People Would Be Suprised to Learn: Until last week my answer would have been that I'd never flown on an airplane, but I've remedied that one! I held down three part-time jobs my senior year of high school: I worked at a middle school running the ticket gate at sporting events, I worked as a cashier at a specialty foods store and I tutored kids in math. 

Advice for 13-Year Old Andrea: Be patient with yourself. You'll figure out what you want to do when it's time. Don't rush it.