Staff Spotlight: Joselyn Johnson

Joselyn Johnson Staff Spotlight Take Action Volunteer Care Prosperity Charity Navigator Charleston SC Charity United Way Donate/ Donation GuideStar Volunteer Opportunities  Nonprofit /Non- Profit Organizations Charleston South Carolina Community Service Near MeJoselyn johnson joined trident united way as an americorps member in 2012. in the last six years, she has served as a prosperity center coordinater as well as the events and communications coordinator before transferring to her new role as americorps manager. we caught up with joselyn to learn a little more about her.  
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University
Hometown: Goose Creek, S.C. 
Professional Background: I served as an AmeriCorps member for the 2012 term and then became the Prosperity Center coordinator for Trident United Way, followed by the event & communications coordinator and now I’m in this role. Before that, I worked at a HUD apartment complex and for the City of Charleston. 
Role at Trident United Way: I manage our team of 17 AmeriCorps members that are placed at agencies and schools throughout the Tri-County region. I am also responsible to managing the performance aspects of our grant to ensure we are "Getting Things Done" in our community and providing a meaningful service experience for our members. 
Favorite Part of Working at TUW:  My favorite part of my job is being able to impact the lives of others. My favorite part about TUW is the collaboration that happens across departments and getting to work with such great people. 
Definition of Success: Accomplishing goals that I set and having a work/life balance. 
How I Became an AmeriCorps Member: I had a relative serving and what she did sounded interesting. I wanted to be in the nonprofit industry and saw it as a way to get my foot in the door.
Three Traits that Define TUW AmeriCorps Members? Passionate, dedicated and determined
Favorite Things to Do in My Spare Time: Sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee and a good book or journal and sing, regardless of the weather outside – if it’s hot I just turn the fan on! 
Phrase our AmeriCorps Members Would Say I Say Too Often: “Yes, I just made that word up.” Or “What the?!”
Greatest Challenge I Overcame as an AmeriCorps Member: Not being able to support everyone; I became very good at finding alternate ways I could provide support.
Something I Gained From My AmeriCorps Experience: Confidence and feeling like I had found the industry I was created to work in. 
Advice for 13-Year Old Joselyn: You are beautiful!
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