Staff Spotlight: Anita Bullock

Anita bullock joined trident united way in january 2016 and celebrates her three-year anniversary with tuw today! as the executive assistant, anita keeps everything running for ceo chris kerrigan, our board of directors, strategic planning committee and social innovation board. anita is part of our employee engagement project team and she recently took on the added responsibility of building maintenance for tuw and its tenants at 6296 rivers ave. we caught up with anita to learn a little more about her.  

Hometown: Huntsville, Ala.

Role at Trident United Way: My role here is to support the CEO and senior team. I maintain our memberships to United Way Worldwide, SC Charitable Organization, Summerville and Metro Chambers of Commerce and keep us compliant with these organizations. I’m in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly for our Board of Directors and Executive Committee as well as the Social Innovation Board, Strategic Planning Committee and other committees. I’m also in charge of building maintenance – we have rejuvenated the third floor with new paint, carpet and remodeled restrooms. We are currently working on revitalizing the first floor area as well. I take care of our key fob system, HVAC, alarm system and copy machine in the breakroom too!

Favorite Part of Working at TUW: My favorite thing about TUW is our people; we have a great group of folks here. I love being needed and able to help so many people here at TUW.

Favorite Memories of Working with TUW CEO Chris Kerrigan: I have so many, I couldn’t name them all! Chris has a great sense of humor and we laugh and cut up all the time. He makes me laugh out loud every day.

Three Traits that Define Me: Honest, Hardworking, Adaptable

Definition of Success: My definition of success is knowing that I have done my very best each and every day; that I have tried to treat others as I would want to be treated.

Favorite Things to do in my Free Time: I work with my plants in my greenhouse, I read and I watch Hallmark movies. I love to be outside working with my hands or just walking through the woods with my hubby and our two dogs.

Current Read: I just finished The Time Traveler’s Wife – it was excellent!

Favorite Vacation: The trip we took to Las Vegas in February 2018…why? Because I married my best friend Gene on that trip! We also got to spend quality time with family and friends during that trip.

Why I Like Being Part of the Employee Engagement Team: I enjoy working with other team members to make fun and exciting things happen for the rest of the TUW staff. I think my favorite project has been Employee Appreciation Week – I love being able to give an entire week of fun to the staff!

Advice for 13-Year-Old Anita: I’d tell her that her life is going to be hard, full of many losses and sad times BUT that her life is going to be great, nonetheless. She is going to be blessed in more ways that she will ever know. I’d like to tell her to just hold on…keep doing the right thing…keep plugging away…and all good things will come to her.