Sample Internal Communication

Campaign Kick-Off

CEO Campaign Coordinator Announcement


Investing in our community is important to (COMPANY NAME) and right now we can demonstrate our support by participating in Trident United Way’s annual workplace campaign.

I am pleased to announce that (EMPLOYEE CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR) has agreed to lead and coordinate our campaign this year. I know he/she will appreciate your support to make this our most successful campaign yet.

In this challenging economy, our community need our support more than ever. Together we have a significant opportunity to create a brighter future for everyone, especially children, families and individuals who are struggling

to make ends meet. Please support Trident United Way’s campaign to the fullest and join me in thanking (COORDINATOR NAME) for his/her commitment to LIVE UNITED.

Announce Campaign – from Campaign Coordinator

This year our United Way campaign begins on (DATE). We have many fun and interesting activities planned. The United Way campaign is our opportunity to extend a hand and help our neighbors in need. I am excited about our shared effort in the coming weeks and encourage your involvement and support. Stay tuned for more details.

Announce Campaign Kickoff

Bring your enthusiasm to (COMPANY NAME’S) United Way campaign kickoff! Everyone is invited to participate in a (EVENT – DATE-TIME-LOCATION). Hear about how your contributions work to create opportunities for a better life for all.

Kick Off Event – CEO Invite

Mark your calendars. (COMPANY NAME) United Way Campaign will kick off on (DATE). This year’s campaign will run from (DATE to DATE). Our Campaign Coordinator (NAME) has some fun and interesting activities planned for our participation and support.

(COMPANY) knows that a healthy community supports a healthy workforce. It takes the whole community working together to bring about lasting change. By focusing on common goals that are the basic things we all need for a good life – we will create a better tomorrow for everyone.

We all win when our children are successful in school and life. We all win when our families are financially stable. And we all win when children are on track and adults are healthy and engaged. Come find out how your investments change lives.

(COMPANY) is proud to support Trident United Way. See you at the kickoff!

Invitation to Give

Accept the Challenge: Company Match

Because (COMPANY NAME) believes in investing in our community, we will match your United Way donations by contributing an additional (MATCH DETAILS). Join with us and to help make a difference in our community.

Campaign Progress Reports

RE: United Way Campaign Progress

Trident United Way is about making investments that strengthen the Lowcountry by addressing the root causes of problems. Trident United Way is focused on changing conditions and bringing about long-lasting change for our entire community.

Your contribution to Trident United Way will go to support the proud tradition of helping people who struggle to make ends meet. It will also be turned into investments in the building blocks for a good life – Education, Financial Stability and Health. Investments that make sure our children our successful,

our families are financially stable, and people are healthy and engaged.

(COMPANY NAME) is proud to support the work of Trident United Way through a corporate contribution and by endorsing the employee campaign.

If you have already submitted your pledge form, thank you. (COMPANY’S) United Way campaign will be wrapping up on (DATE) and we are asking that all pledge forms be returned by this date. We hope to announce the total amount of all employee contributions by (DATE).

Thank you for supporting our community.

RE: United Way Campaign Progress

Congratulations (COMPANY NAME) employees! We’ve reached ______% of our goal. Last week’s (SPECIAL EVENT NAME) was a great success thanks to your participation and (put in highlight from the event). Please turn in your pledge cards by (DATE), so that we can achieve our final goal of (AMOUNT). I’m proud to be part of this exciting effort to create opportunities for a better life for all. Please stop by and say hello. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about giving to United Way.

RE: How your donation is used

Remember part of giving back to your community is giving of your time and your talents. Your donation supports many local programs and services including the 2-1-1 Hotline – which connects people in need with community resources and also connects volunteers with volunteer opportunities. Visit the website at and find your volunteer match today. [If your company offers any special incentives to employees to volunteer –give specifics]

RE: The Power of Your Gift

Everyday your gift helps people in our community who struggle to have the

necessities of life. Everyday your gift works to help our children be successful in school, our families become financially stable, and everyone make healthy choices. [Use examples of success stories.]

RE: How your donation helps the community

Get Connected. Get Answers. CALL 2-1-1. Your United Way donation helps people in our community locate the help they need. 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember phone number that connects you to essential community resources.

Post Campaign Messages


Congratulations (COMPANY) employees.

Thanks to all of you, our total employee contributions this year for our United Way campaign was $________.

That’s a record setting year and is xx% above our goal of _____.

Your contributions to Trident United Way help improve lives right here in our own community.

Together, we can get results and accomplish more than any single group can on its own. These are results that ripple out to the community as a whole.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. I am proud to be part of a team that is committed to building a stronger community for everyone.

Thank You - General

Thank you for your generosity in supporting this year’s annual United Way fund raising campaign. This year ____ employees contributed $_____to our United Way campaign.

I am proud that (COMPANY NAME) is a part of the important community work that United Way does to address what matters most to our community – helping our most vulnerable – helping our children achieve their potential,

families become financially stable and everyone live healthy. The donations you make to United Way help build a better life for everyone. Everyone knows donations are critical to United Way’s work.

Giving comes in many forms – so if you or someone you know is interested in finding the right volunteer opportunity – check out United Way’s website at Search their database for up-to-date opportunities posted by area non-profits. Whether you’re a donor, a volunteer, or both, thank you for taking an active role in making our community a healthy, vibrant place to live and work.