The Importance of School Readiness

The Important of School Readiness

Did you know children who receive high-quality preschool services are more likely to enter school prepared for success?

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Early learning experiences impact later academic success. Yet, the early learning experiences that children encounter vary significantly. Early care and learning settings are fragmented in South Carolina as they have a variety of funding streams, mandates, and standards by which they are measured.

High-quality pre-kindergarten programs have been shown to positively impact not only the development of all children, but especially those who are considered at risk due to their socioeconomic status. Children participating in such programs have significantly higher math, reading, and literacy skills.

When South Carolina measures school readiness statewide and uses that data to continually improve experiences for young children, we will prepare children for school and ensure they succeed once they get there.

We urge our elected leaders and policymakers to consider the importance of school readiness as decisions are made to advance policies impacting young children and their families in order to create a brighter future for the Palmetto State.


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