Healthy Tri-County Prepares to Release Tri-County Health Improvement Plan

Did you know that 12.6% of Tri-County individuals under the age of 65 years do not have any form of health insurance?

Increasing access to quality health care and services is just one of the community goals outlined in Healthy Tri-County’s Our Health, Our Future: Tri-County Health Improvement Plan 2018-2023. The five-year roadmap to improving health outcomes in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties has been a top priority of Healthy Tri-County since its launch in January 2017.

Healthy Tri-County is powered by Trident United Way and core partners MUSC Health and Roper St. Francis Healthcare. The initiative brings together businesses, government and nonprofit agencies from across the Tri-County region. Its Tri-County Health Improvement Plan and an accompanying Community Action Guide will be released at the 2018 Tri-County Health Symposium on Oct. 30 at Trident Technical College.


Why Do We Need a Regional Health Improvement Plan?

  • 32% of adults in South Carolina are considered obese: Charleston (25%) and Dorchester (31%) counties fared slightly better, but Berkeley County exceeded the state average at 37%.
  • A significant percentage of the population reports binge or heavy drinking: Berkeley (22%), Charleston (22%), Dorchester (18%). South Carolina’s average is 18%.
  • 14% of adults in the Tri-County region experience food insecurity.
  • African-Americans in the Tri-County area are roughly 10% more likely to die from cancer than all other races.


What Others Are Saying about Tri-County Health Improvement Plan:

“The health improvement plan is a vital first step in improving the health and well-being of every person in the Tri-County community. Once you understand a community’s health status, priorities and plan, it becomes
clear what resources and actions to take next.” – Aunyika Moonan, South Carolina Hospital Association


“It’s exciting to see so many organizations working collaboratively: creating new partnerships, raising awareness and strengthening efforts to improve health outcomes in the Tri-County region.” – Tiffany Howard, Help Me Grow  


"In my opinion, the Tri-County Health Improvement Plan says to the community that we, as members of the public and private sector, heard their concerns and are committed to working collaboratively together towards a common goal: to improve the health of Tri-County residents." - Felicia Veasey, SC DHEC