Hassell Sets Mark as First Multi-Term Campaign Cabinet Chair

The role of campaign cabinet chair at Trident United Way is a demanding one. The chair is a volunteer position that works to recruit and train members of the campaign cabinet that are responsible for securing many of the initial meetings with CEOs of businesses that TUW hopes will run a campaign. The chair runs the monthly cabinet meetings and generally serves as an on-call resource for the TUW resource development team – all while continuing to do his or her day job.

After a successful 2016 campaign season, The Bank of South Carolina President and CEO Fleetwood Hassell signed up to serve for a second year – the first time anyone has held the position for more than one term in the 70-year history of Trident United Way.

“We are thrilled to have Fleetwood back for a second year,” Trident United Way President and CEO Chris Kerrigan said. “Fleetwood has tremendous insight into this community. We are doing innovative work in the resource development department and his continued leadership is key for us.”

Hassell went above and beyond his duties last year, taking on a business portfolio himself while simultaneously serving as campaign cabinet chair. This year, he’s stepped up to chair the Tocqueville Steering Committee in addition to continuing on as campaign cabinet chair. He is also a member of the TUW Finance Committee.

The values of The Bank of South Carolina, which has built its reputation on being a local bank that prizes personal connections and a high quality of customer care, is evident in everything Hassell does and the company has been  a longtime partner of TUW.

 “Fleetwood has a kind of Southern hospitality that brings class and comfort to every interaction he has and that’s one of the reasons he is such an asset,” TUW Vice President of Corporate Development Caroline Byrd said. “If he is part of a meeting I know that people are going to leave with a positive experience.”