COVID-19 Response Fund for Nonprofits: COVID-19 Response Fund Parameters and Requirements

Last updated 4-20-20

Welcome Message

We are partnering with different community leaders in various ways.

Collecting Funds

Trident United Way and The Post and Courier launched the Tri-County COVID-19 Response Fund on March 18, 2020 to address the emerging needs presented by the impact from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are here - UNITED - to support our community and improve lives.

Disbursing Funds

Welcome to the Trident United Way COVID-19 Response Fund Application Process. Trident United Way has partnered with Coastal Community Foundation to manage requests for the Tri-County: Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties to ensure funds are disbursed to meet the greatest needs related to COVID-19. Please read the Conditions of Funding below BEFORE requesting a fillable application (see instructions below). Note that organizations must meet Conditions of Funding in order to be considered. Please note that funds are being collected on a rolling basis and requests are being made on a rolling basis. Therefore, you may not receive the full amount of your request. Organizations not selected for funding will receive a list of resources that may be helpful in addressing needs related to COVID-19.

Conditions of Funding

Fund Usage:

TUW provides funding to qualifying organizations with which we have an existing relationship and at least 50% of the organization’s service population is at or below 200% of the poverty level. An existing relationship is defined as a documented relationship as an active Network partner or as a current or a previous Program Investment grantee, Basic Needs grantee or EFSP grant recipient in good standing. Funds will primarily be used to address the emerging basic needs of individuals or families related to the COVID-19 crisis. However, TUW reserves the right to shift priorities based on data supporting changing community needs related to COVID-19 changing impacts.


  • Agencies requesting funds should be operational and actively serving clients remotely or by other service delivery means at the time of application;

  • Requests must include documented needs related to COVID-19 after March 16, 2020 that are specific and not projections of needs for organizations that are closed and have no means of providing services at the time of fund release;

  • Applicants must enter clients into the CharityTracker (CT) system (we will provide training if not current a CT user); or be able to complete a TUW data report on services provided, numbers served, etc. Please see below for virtual CT trainings available if needed.

  • Organizations eligible for Federal or State funding must disclose amount received and not accept funds, if needs are otherwise met or return funds to TUW that have been awarded and not used, due to government funding or other philanthropic support;

  • Neither Trident United Way nor nonprofits receiving funds, nor representatives of either organization shall make any oral or written statement about the other party which is intended or reasonable likely to disparage the other party, or otherwise degrade the other party’s reputation in the business community, nonprofit sector or in the media, writ large. Material violations may jeopardize any assistance received, in addition to and not exclusive of, eligibility for future funding. Nothing in this statement will preclude either organization and its representatives from supplying truthful information to any governmental authority or in response to any lawful subpoena or other legal process.

  • Unused funds must be returned to TUW.

Assessment and Funding Priority:

  • Start-up organizations or new service delivery offerings, without a proven track record of relief funding, may not be considered for funding

  • Organizations with existing relationships (defined above) with TUW and serve as a hub for multiple organizations, providing resources and/or products are given highest priority.

  • Requests from 501c(3) organizations that have an existing relationship,  are also  prioritized.

  • Needs are granted based on the availability of funding with the understanding that there are tremendous community needs and that this crisis may be prolonged over a long period of time.  

  • Kindly note that funding is limited, and requests may not be fully funded. 

Application Review and processing of requests:

  • Applications will be reviewed within 5 business days from receipt.  Once approved, funding will be available, as soon as administratively possible.

Instructions for submitting email request, if an organization has read, understands and meets the Conditions of Funding

  • Please send a request for a fillable application via email to

  • Do not share or forward the fillable application you receive for your funding requests as unsolicited requests may not be considered.

    •  Any applications submitted that have not followed the process to apply through either the Coastal Community Foundation application portal or the TUW invitation process will not be reviewed.


TUW is hosting 2 virtual CharityTracker Trainings – If you have staff and/or volunteers that you would like to be trained, please have them register.  You must register at the link below to attend.

*Future Trainings will be scheduled and posted based on demand.


Please contact Cathy Easley – – (843) 740-7733 or Debbie Mann – - (843) 740-7754.

additional information

Can my organization tell you what we are doing or how we are affected by the epidemic?

Yes, please email with the subject line of “COVID-19 Impact”. This will be helpful for us to understand but please keep in mind with the high volume of efforts, TUW is unable to promote your organization.

How can my organization access assistance if I do not have an existing relationship with TUW, as defined above, and/or my organization does not receive COVID-19 funding?

  • Given the enormity of needs in the community, TUW is partnering with nonprofits to prioritize funding requests to organizations with which it has established relationships. This does not mean your organization cannot apply for funding. It means that your organization will not be prioritized. Therefore, your organization’s application will be the last to be reviewed and only awarded funding if you meet the requirements and funding is still available.

  • If your organization does not meet the requirements and conditions of funding listed above, the following are resources that are available to clients:

    • Direct the individuals and families that you serve to the 2-1-1 call helpline and for help finding assistance.

    • Refer clients to the Dorchester Resource Connection Center or the Berkeley Resource Connection Center by calling (843) 695-2461 for Dorchester and (843) 761-6033 for Berkeley.

  • To learn more about how your organization can get engaged as an active partner with TUW, please visit


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