Trident United Way is recognized as a leader in the community. Our work in bringing people together to create positive impact and deliver innovative solutions to our community's most pressing needs makes us unique.

We prioritize the stewardship of your gift to Trident United Way and work to invest and manage it wisely. Our goal is to maximize the dollars we raise so that more of your money goes directly toward making an impact on those in need. The annual Trident United Way Campaign belongs to the community, and we are committed to being a good steward by being both effective and efficient with every donor dollar.

In this day of increased competition for charitable gifts, donors' standards and expectations have never been higher. Rightfully so, Trident United Way understands the importance of ongoing organizational excellence and accountability. Trident United Way is grateful for the community support that helps keep costs to a minimum—including extensive volunteer leadership, executives "loaned" by companies, value-add advertising donations and more.