What is Trident United Way African-American Leadership Council (AALC)?

AALC is a group of people linked by a common interest and purpose: Strengthening the community through giving and volunteerism. This council will bring together a variety of professionals, leaders and organizations to benefit families and children in the Tri-county area.


Why was this group formed?

Out of a need to concentrate, represent, and support the giving power of African Americans, AALC was formed at Trident United Way to harness the philanthropic goals of black and minority professionals in the Charleston Tri-county area.


Who can join?

Anyone can join the Trident United Way African-American Leadership Council by becoming a leadership donor at Trident United Way.  Donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually are recognized as leadership donors and can elect to join any affinity group of TUW.


How will this benefit the community?

  • AALC will increase the volunteerism among professionals at local nonprofit organizations.
  • AALC will convene and unify a variety of black fraternities, sororities, civic and professional organizations to concentrate efforts and make impact in Education and Financial Stability.


What will the AALC members do?

AALC members will provide opportunities for black and minority professionals to create impact in the community. Specific programs include:

1. Leadership development and mentorship that leads to increased community service (leadership) opportunities among its members.

2. A social nexus that provides access to exclusive events and networking opportunities. Members are connected to professionals across diverse industries and geographic locations.

3. Advocacy through Trident United Way that provides a unified voice relating to Education, Financial Stability and Health issues.

4. Service projects that increase the number of African-American professionals that participate in community volunteer projects.


How is it organized? Is it a separate nonprofit?

It is an affinity group of Trident United Way.  It is led by an astute group of volunteers that serve as part of an organized Steering Committee and Advisory Cabinet.


What is the relationship between the AALC and Trident United Way?

The African-American Leadership Council consists of philanthropists who contribute $1,000 or more to Trident United Way. Members have the opportunity to see the impact that their financial support and volunteerism have on community issues.


Who is involved?

Some of Charleston’s most influential leaders and philanthropists are involved in leadership of AALC. They include a variety of leaders in medicine, higher education, human services, law, government, engineering, finance, journalism, manufacturing, business, K-12 education and science.

There are currently a total of 52 members who have pledged their support as Leaders in the Council.


What are the benefits of membership?

-Invitations to exclusive events and philanthropy speaker series

-Meaningful volunteer activities

-Social & networking events with leadership givers at Trident United Way (Young Philanthropists Society, Women United, Tocqueville and Palmetto Societies)

-Your name listed as a Leadership Giver in the annual Trident United Way Leadership and Endowment Book

-Connected to a powerful network of philanthropic leaders in the Tri-County area

-A company invitation to gain additional exposure through corporate sponsorship opportunities