Berkeley County School District Students and Staff Demonstrate Benevolence Toward Communities

Berkeley County School District Students and Staff Demonstrate Benevolence Toward Communities






By Katie Orvin, Berkeley County School District

Over $160,000 Donated to Trident United Way in 2016 Annual Campaign
The annual Berkeley County School District (BCSD) giving campaign for Trident United Way succeeded in raising $167,040 for the local nonprofit. Championed by both students and staff, this year’s campaign featured a competitive element among schools that helped ensure more student participation.  

BCSD sponsored its second ever student campaign this year and raised over $7,000. Principals, teachers, and student government leaders developed individual student campaigns tailored to their schools after a Cane Bay High student suggested a friendly competition might be a good way to encourage more participation. Ultimately it was decided that the elementary, middle, and high schools that raised the most money earned “bragging rights” and a victory banner to hang identifying them as a caring student community. 
This year’s winning schools were Stratford High, Hanahan Middle, and J.K. Gourdin Elementary. 

Trident United Way, along with its partners, shared real stories of success with BCSD employees of how the monies raised helped local residents overcome unforeseen hardships and incredible struggles. 
Cainhoy Elementary School’s staff increased its charitable giving this year by an astonishing 327%. Principal Aidra Shaw said it was a privilege for her staff to give back to an organization that does so much to support local schools and communities. 
“We made a commitment to be united and generous in our giving, and I was able to share a personal story with my staff members about the impact Trident United Way had on my own family,” Principal Shaw said. 

District leadership took a similar approach and invited a staff member, who previously worked with local TUW partners, to share her personal experiences with principals and district leaders. 
“We feel tremendous satisfaction in knowing these donations are making a real difference for those in need here in Berkeley County,” said BCSD Deputy Superintendent Archie Franchini. “When you see first-hand how people we know and work with everyday have benefited from these efforts, it inspires us all to play a role in keeping this important effort alive.”