2020 Virtual School Supply Drive

In 2020 Trident United Way's Young Leaders United hosted their annual school supply drive to provide essential supplies to students in need at Mt. Zion Elementary, Newington Elementary, Midland Park Primary and College Park Elementary. These supplies are necessary for students to succeed throughout the school year. Through a virtual platform, donors were provided the option to purchase supplies for students, such as back packs, primary and elementary school supply kits and hand sanitizer, as well as supplies for classrooms, including scissors, dry erase markers, paper and pencils.

Thanks to the generosity of many in our community, over 320 individual donors and 16 local companies provided 3x the number of backpacks and supplies as compared to the 2019 school supply drive! The teachers and students who recieved the supplies were incredibly thankful to receive all of the donations.





2020 School Supply Drive Donor Highlights

Carolina One

Carolina One responded in a huge way to the 2020 Virtual School Supply Drive! Agents donated over $14,500 of supplies through TUW's Roonga donation page, equipping 755 students with backpacks and supplies. 


Select Health of South Carolina

Select Health of South Carolina supplied an initial 300 backpacks to students at College Park, Midland Park and Newington Elemtary. When they were informed there was still a need for more backpacks, they donated an additional 500 more to College Park and Newington Elementary. This meant all students at these schools would have a backpack to start off the year.

In addition to providing backpacks, Select Health also donated 300 small hand sanitizers as well as excess classroom supplies through TUW's Roonga donation page, valued at over $2,600!



Trident United Way President & CEO Chloe Knight Tonney spoke with Mt. Zion Elementary Principal Anna Mims to discuss the impact of the school supply drive on students and teachers in their community, and shares the excitement and gratitude she experienced when handing out supplies.


Trident United Way Young Leaders United Chair Michael Samuels shares his thanks for the generosity of those who donated.