2019 - 2022 Program Investment Review Council



The Program Investment Review Council (PIRC) provides review, recommendations and monitoring for program investment applicants and funded partners. Members participate in activities to learn about Trident United Way’s investment strategy and priority areas that will inform the applicant review process. The PIRC is responsible for ensuring donor contributions are invested efficiently in programs that have longitudinal outcomes that align with priorities identified in the education, financial stability and health collective impact efforts.  
Committee Composition:
The PIRC should have a minimum of 35 members and no more than 40 members. Members of the Community Impact Committee, TUW Board of Directors or other TUW committees can serve on this council. Other members are recruited from TUW corporate campaign partners and other communities that are representative of the diverse Tri-County area. 
Time Commitment and Term:
       • The PIRC term limit is 3½ years beginning in November 2018 through June 2022. 
Time commitment:
      • Volunteer Orientation and Training | November 2018 & January 2019
              o In person orientation and poverty simulation activity, 3 hours
              o Training, 2 hours
      • Applicant Review, Presentations and Recommendations | February – March 2019
              o Review on your own, approximately 8 hours 
              o In person meetings and presentations, approximately 12-15 hours
      • Investment Learning and Review Sessions | beginning January 2020
              o Twice a year meetings and learning sessions, 2 hours each  
It is highly recommended to attend all meetings, but members must attend at least 50% of regular and special meetings to participate in decision making for funding recommendations, unless excused for good cause. Active participation is highly encouraged so volunteers get the full benefit of the experience and funding recommendations are made with the highest level of integrity. 
The PIRC is responsible to the Community Impact Committee (CIC). All recommendations provided by the PIRC for review and funding require approval by the CIC, which will make a recommendation to the TUW Board of Directors for approval. 
Members agree to engage annually in Volunteer Commitment Conversations where applicable, with the TUW Strategic Volunteer Engagement staff liaison. Commitment Conversations will provide the opportunity for volunteers to provide feedback on their opportunity, staff to provide feedback on volunteer fulfillment of member responsibilities, and plan for future opportunities.
Provide funding recommendations for TUW Program Investments and ensure appropriate stewardship of funding
Ensure TUW donor contributions are invested effectively and efficiently to prepare children for future success, help people work and use resources wisely, creating a healthier Tri-County
Participate in a volunteer driven process to guarantee transparent, objective and neutral grant award decision-making 
Monitor program investment funded partner programs through learning sessions during the three year funding cycle 
Use the scoring rubric to review and recommend funding for applications in the Program Investment priority areas 
Provide detailed, constructive, objective and timely review of assigned applications
Participate in and score applicant program presentations
Serve as a champion and ambassador for TUW in the community by promoting projects, and supporting funding decisions. 
Work in collaboration with other Investment Review Councils to support continuous learning, monitoring and evaluation
Regularly attend application review meetings and semi-annual Investment Learning Sessions 
Abilities, Skills, and/or Experience:
Reviewers should demonstrate some combination of any of the following skills or abilities: 
Passion for TUW’s areas of focus in education, financial stability and health
Alignment to TUW’s values and investment commitment to organization that provide services to underserved and lower income populations
Willingness to understand and learn about TUW’s focus areas and impact work
Collaborative thought leadership and decision-making 
Analytical and strategic thinking
Ability to listen and take part in constructive dialogue that leads to group consensus
Ability to be impartial and objective, free of personal biases about programs and TUW investments
Thoughtfully consider making a monetary donation to Trident United Way at a level that is significant to you 
Moderate to high proficiency in using computers and able to access online grant management system  
Prioritized experience and backgrounds: 
Members of the community who have previously been a beneficiary of services who can offer a lived experience perspective
Corporate professionals with decision-making authority 
Education, financial stability and/or health practitioners not applying for funding