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Emmy Murney, Human Resources Specialist

“An organization is only as successful as its employees; I work to make sure their needs are taken care of so they can work towards transforming the community!” 
In one sentence, describe what you do at Trident United Way (TUW).
I help to guide and support the employees at Trident United Way and fill in to support Brad, Director of Human Resources, where he needs support! 
Tell us about your professional background.  I grew up in non-profit work; my father was involved with the Special Olympics and my mother is currently the executive director of a crisis pregnancy center in Arizona. They both stressed the importance of being involved with your community.  As far as professional paid experience, I started out in payroll and admin work and ended up being promoted through the ranks at the last two companies I was with. The last job I was with was in the private construction sector as their Human Resource Manager. 
Tell us about your educational background. 
College of Charleston. Go Cougars! 
Outside of work, how are you involved in the Tri-County community? 
I’ve been in Charleston going on almost 8 years now which has given me the opportunity to really get involved in Charleston’s community. I’m probably partial to downtown area due to living there but you really can’t beat walking down the Battery! 
What will you be working on in the next six months? 
Our Human Capital Support Program! I’ll be on the hunt for some interns and internal skilled volunteers to help out at Trident United Way! 
How would you describe how you work?
Quietly and Efficiently
What is a song or quote that you live by? Why is it meaningful to you?
“Hope begins with understanding that kindness heals what fear has fractured.” In a world that is so divided by so many things, it is so important to realize that to start healing, we need to come from a place of kindness and understanding with each other rather than lash out because we’re scared. Hope flourishes when we make the choice to be kind to each other and ourselves. 

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