Staff Spotlight: Meet Andi

Andi Judt joined Trident United Way in August 2015 as the Community Impact Project Manager. We caught up with Andi to learn a little more about her and her work.

Education: BA in French from Baldwin Wallace University, currently pursuing a MA in Arts Administration from the University of Akron

Hometown: Kendallville, Ind. (population 10,000 I usually tells people Northeast Indiana, North of Fort Wayne)

Professional Background: Most of my internships in graduate school focused on development and fundraising. Before joining Trident United Way, I worked at a united arts fund, which operates similarly to United Way but is for arts organizations. 

Role at Trident United Way: I manage internal projects for the Community Impact department as well as the processes and compliance for our Program Investments.

Favorite Part of working at TUW: I like hearing about the work that our partners are doing through their reporting and our data dive meetings.

Three Traits that Define You: Driven, Laid Back, Practical

One Thing You Can't Live Without: Lox and bagels

Your Definition of Success: Achieving what I've set out to do

Your Personal Philosophy: It's very simple, but my mom always told me to be nice to everybody. If I can help someone without hurting myself, I do.

Greatest Challenge You've Overcome: Moving to the Charleston area as a newlywed without any family down here (we only knew two people). My husband and I hadn't lived together yet until we moved here and he started teaching. We didn't have a lot of resources at the time, so we lived in our apartment with two folding chairs and an air mattress for nine months until we could afford to bring our furniture down here!

Favorite Things to do in Your Spare Time: I really enjoy cooking, cooking, gardening, reading, knitting and sewing. I also keep up with news and politics avidly.

Current Read: I just finished The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. I tend to go for classic literature as opposed to the latest trendy novel. It's also a tragedy and I love a good tragedy! 

Best Place You've Traveled: I did a study abroad program for a summer in Brest, France while I was in high school. I lived with a host family while taking classes and going on weekend excursions to learn about French language and culture. I was not allowed to speak English while I was there! It helped me grown and mature, but more importantly, it opened me up to new experiences and learning from people who are different from me. 

Most Unusual Job You've Had: The most unusual job I've had was packaging paint chips. I did it the summer after high school to make money for college. The start time was 5:30 am - and anyone who knows me knows I am definitely not a morning person and that ideally I need nine hours of sleep to be well-rested and content.